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The wait for justice has not ended even in 25 years

Published: 4 September 2022 | 4:05 p.m

MK Monir : 25 years ago, Aminul Haque Bakul, a student of the 31st batch of Chabi, was killed in a cottage of Chittagong University (CHBI). Even after all these years after the murder, his family did not get justice. The murder case is currently pending in the district judge’s court. Bakul’s classmates want justice for this incident 25 years ago.

On September 3, 1997 at 5:30 PM, Aminul Haque Bakul, a 31st batch student of Chabir, was brutally murdered while sleeping in a cottage near Chittagong University Railway Station. It is alleged that the camp wanted to stop the resistance movement against the one-sided rule and anarchy in the campus through this murder. In Chittagong University campus also, they blocked the entire campus for a long time by killing, murdering and creating fear.

President of Shaheed Bakul Sriti Sangsad Mohammad Yusuf said that even through the killing of Bakul, the camp wanted to maintain their dominance by spreading fear in the entire campus. But their calculations were overturned at that time by the bright walk of some brave and dedicated souls of this campus. Bakul’s friends organized by forming ‘Shaheed Bakul Smriti Sangsad’. Everyone came together regardless of party affiliation. An anti-communal student union was formed. Violent protest and resistance.

He also said that the students organized against long-standing injustice and lawlessness. A large number of students along with ordinary students and teaching staff started participating in this resistance movement which became stronger day by day. The reactionary groups were forced to retreat in such a vigorous movement. Their long-held dominance was eroded in exchange for the blood of many more fresh souls.

Those concerned said that before the murder of Aminul Haque Bakul, there were several clashes between the Chhatra League and the student camp in the university. Golam Kibria, assistant registrar (security) of the accused university, filed a case at the Hathazari police station as the plaintiff in the murder of 11 people. Later CID after the investigation accused 6 leaders of the camp and gave the charge sheet to the court.

After that, the proceedings of the case started. 17 people were witnesses in that murder case, but not one testified in 25 years. The date of the case is falling for the taking of evidence one after another. Meanwhile, the case took a different turn when the BNP-Jamaat coalition government came to power in 2001. The case filed by the Chabi authorities was taken into political consideration by the then Ministry of Home Affairs and recommended that the 4 accused in the case be released from the case. Later in 2006 Chittagong Additional Sessions Judge ordered the release of 4 camp leaders from the second court case.

The camp leaders who were acquitted are the main accused in the case, the then general secretary of Chabi Chhatra Shibir, Nashir Ullah, Mujibur Rahman Manju (now AB Party), Abdul Hannan and Mia Mohammad Taufiq. Currently, Kabir Hossain and Waliur Rahman are accused in this case. They are also absconding now. The court has fixed January 15, 2023 for taking evidence in this case.

The deceased was Aminul Haque Bakul’s village house in Bhairab Railway Station area of ​​Bhairab Upazila of Kishoreganj. Bakul’s younger brother Armanul Haque said, ‘Baya was the eldest son of the family. The family’s dream was that he would take care of the family after completing his studies. But his dream was not fulfilled because he was killed Even after 25 years, we did not get justice for the murder.’

President of Bakul Smriti Sangsad. Yusuf Ekushe told the newspaper, ‘Bakul was a brave hero against communalism in the Chabi campus. It is a shame for the university administration and the political apparatus that this case has not been tried for 25 years.

Chittagong district PP Sheikh Iftekhar Saimul Chowdhury said, ‘I don’t know on what basis the Home Ministry of the BNP government has recommended the exclusion of the accused from the case due to political considerations. But if Bakul’s family feels they have been aggrieved, they can approach the High Court. If the names of the acquitted accused come up in the evidence of ongoing witnesses, there is scope to include them again in the argument. As District PP I will take maximum measures to settle the case.

Meanwhile, in the commemoration meeting organized on the occasion of the 25th death anniversary of Aminul Haque Bakul on September 3, Deputy Publicity Secretary of Awami League Aminul Islam Amin said that the murder of Aminul Haque Bakul 25 years ago was very shocking, demonic and heartbreaking. The fundamentalist forces of the Jamaat-Shibir wanted to stop the practice of Pragati on the campus forever. But the ordinary students of the university could not accept Bakul’s murder that day. They collectively took to the field to protest this tragic killing.

Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul, Vice President of Metropolitan Awami League, said Aminul’s father had a dream. He sent his son to university with a dream. But his dream was not fulfilled. I still tell BLA boys to do politics, but don’t end your father’s dream. Don’t fall prey to groupings and get shot dead. What did Aminul Haque’s father get? You have made some donations today. Will his father get that boy back? Today, along with all his classmates, we have to come forward in the trial of this murder. Everyone should take initiative and ensure the trial of Aminul Haque Bakul’s murder.

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