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A person is accused of stealing a mobile phone in the capital

A person is accused of stealing a mobile phone in the capital
A person is accused of stealing a mobile phone in the capital

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Dhaka: Workshop workers beat up a person named Rashed (18) on suspicion of being a thief in Nakdarpar area of ​​Khilgaon in the capital.

Khilgaon Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Farukul Alam confirmed this information on Sunday (September 4).

He said that initially it was known that the young man named Rashed was sitting in front of the workshop of Nakdarpar Sagar on September 2 and was crying. The people of that workshop were saying give me some work, I will work.

Then they gave Sagar a job in that workshop. Later today (September 4) in the morning, he was caught red-handed stealing the mobile phones of others in the workshop and running away. Because of this, the workshop people beat him. Sagar became unconscious. He was later taken to Medford Hospital where he was pronounced dead by the attending physician.

He said that several people have been detained for questioning in this incident. Detailed investigation is being done. However, the real name of the victim was initially known as Rashed.

Bangladesh Time: 1516 hours, September 4, 2022

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