Life of 17 people including UP Chairman

Life of 17 people including UP Chairman
Life of 17 people including UP Chairman

The court has sentenced 17 accused including UP Chairman SM Deen Salam to life imprisonment for the murder of father and son in Terkhada Upazila of Khulna district.

At the same time, each of them was sentenced to a fine of 5 thousand taka, in default of payment, one more year of imprisonment without labor.

The accused were present in the court when the verdict was announced. Apart from this, the court acquitted the other two defendants in the case as there was no proof of their allegations.

Judge of Khulna Speedy Trial Tribunal. Nazrul Islam Howladar announced this verdict.

Earlier on Sunday at 11:30 am, he was brought from the prison to the court in a prison van. Thousands of people from Terkhada Chagladah Union waited in the court premises to hear the verdict of the case. Additional police were deployed to maintain court security.

According to the details of the case, on the night of August 6, 2019, Piru Sheikh of Pahardanga village of Chagladah Union No. 3 of Terkhada Upazila and his family fell asleep after having dinner. Around 2 am, the accused in the case entered the victim’s house by cutting the door with indigenous weapons. At that time, Abdur Rahman, among the accused, ordered to kill Piru. I lost my job because of him. As soon as he said this, accused Saiful hit Piru on the head with the chapati in his hand. In this, the victim’s skull is cut and the brain is extracted. Later, the other accused taunt Piru randomly. As the victim and his wife kept screaming, son Naim came from the next room to save the father and the accused dragged him into the courtyard. Accused Khalid Sheikh stabbed Naeem in the chest with a flower pot containing fruit. As she screamed in pain, the other accused kept hitting Naim’s elbows and neck with chapatis. Naim died on the spot. After the accused left, Piru Sheikh was rescued and taken to Khulna Medical College Hospital, and he was taken to Dhaka for better treatment. Piru later died while undergoing treatment.

In this regard, the wife of the deceased Piru became a plaintiff two days after the incident and filed a case against 17 people named and 12 other unknown people in Terkhada police station on the charge of killing her husband and children.

(Dhaka Times/August 4/AR)

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