The British are counting the pennies and we are counting the bodies: Ukraine’s first lady

The British are counting the pennies and we are counting the bodies: Ukraine’s first lady
The British are counting the pennies and we are counting the bodies: Ukraine’s first lady

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that while the British are counting pennies, Ukrainians are counting bodies. Olena said this in response to a question in an interview given to the BBC in the capital Kyiv.

In an interview, the First Lady of Ukraine told BBC journalist Laura Kuensberg that the Ukraine war had a severe economic impact on the allies. But it was important to highlight the human toll of the war. He said that if the support for Ukraine is strong, the crisis will be less.

In the interview broadcast on Sunday, Olena was told that due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, global gas and oil prices have increased. Britons are spending more money on fuel.

Does he want to say something to them? In response, Olena said, I understand, the situation is very difficult. But remember the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The epidemic is not over yet. During the pandemic, commodity prices have increased everywhere. Also increased in Ukraine.

The First Lady of Ukraine also said that the price of goods in Ukraine is increasing. Along with that, the people of our country are losing their lives in the war. He further said to the British, when you are counting the money in your bank account or in your pocket, we are doing the same. Also counting the number of injured people.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who visited Kiev last month, said that the cost of living in Europe is increasing. But to resist Russia’s attack, Ukraine must be with it.

Inflation in the UK is forecast to hit a 42-year high of 13.3 per cent this year. The economy is expected to contract for more than a year.

The Bank of England said one of the main causes of high inflation and low growth is rising fuel prices. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has pushed up prices.

European countries have complained against Russia, one of the energy suppliers, for this situation. They allege that Russia has cut gas supplies in response to the sanctions.

Olena Zelenska told the BBC it was difficult for people outside Ukraine to understand the impact of the war. But it is important to highlight the humanitarian crisis caused by war to the world.

In this context, Zelenska mentioned the incident of a Ukrainian boy crossing the Polish border crying last March. He said, I think, the parents who have seen this video, none of them will be able to hold back tears. I always imagine myself in that place. I think everyone in the world should think like me.

Olena Zelensky also said, ‘We need to tell these stories. These stories must be shown. Because these are also wars. How many bombs have fallen is not the issue, how much money has been spent is not the issue, the issue is the human story. There are thousands of such human stories around us.

In addition, the First Lady of Ukraine also said some personal things in that interview. She said, due to busyness in the war, she rarely met her husband; But they talk every day.

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