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Today is 10 years of Khabir’s murder, which was widely discussed in Matlab

Today is 10 years of Khabir’s murder, which was widely discussed in Matlab
Today is 10 years of Khabir’s murder, which was widely discussed in Matlab

On September 4, 10 years have passed since the murder of APS Khabir Hossain Jani of Chandpur’s Matlab Dakshin Upazila Awami Jubo League’s social service affairs secretary, former MP M Rafiqul Islam. But the murder trial is not over yet. On this day in 2012, Khabir Hossain died while undergoing treatment at Dhaka Green Life Hospital.

During that period, an internal conflict arose between the people of their own party regarding the lease of a government place adjacent to Matlab Dakshin Thana and Bhagabatwara. The personal APS of Jubo League leader M Rafiqul Islam (former MP) Khabir Hossain was the victim of that conflict.

On August 29, 2012, at around 11:00 pm, Khabir Hossain left for Matlab by bike from his home in Naogaon village along with local Jubo League leader Barek. In Dakshin Kaladi T&T area of ​​Matlab Bazar, some miscreants actually hit Khabir on the back of the head with sharp weapons.

At one point, Khabir Hossain dropped the bike and fell down on the road and his companions ran away to save their lives. Local residents came forward and took him to Matlab Dakshin Upazila Health Complex in a bloody state, and sent him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital as his condition was critical.

Khabir Hossain’s relatives kept him on life support at Dhaka Green Life Hospital ICU for advanced treatment.

He died in that hospital three days later. In this incident, Khabir Hossain’s elder brother Mosharraf Hossain filed a case against Matlab South Police Station as an unknown accused. Then the investigating officer of that case was Police Inspector (Investigation) Mizanur Rahman Patwari. He arrested about 15 people in this incident and some of them were remanded and interrogated. The investigating officer of the case bravely filed a charge sheet against 11 people in the court within 10 months. Meanwhile, every accused in the case is currently on bail.

Khabir Hossain’s wife Fatema Khatun said, “After killing Khabir Hossain, the party people searched for 4/5 months, but no one is taking our news. Currently, my elder daughter Fahmida Hossain is studying in 2nd year honors at Ummi Eden College and my younger daughter Farhana Hossain is in 3rd grade. Reading. No one is taking notice of how I am with them.

Apart from this, no one has given any kind of cooperation regarding the case. Khabir Hossain’s elder brother and plaintiff in the case Mosharraf Hossain said that 31 of the 38 witnesses in the case have been taken. The court will take the testimony of the remaining 7 people soon.

Correspondent: Mahfuz Mallick, 4 September 2022

The article is in Bengali

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