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Ankita’s killer Shah Rukh burned 11 lakh cash reward! Declaration of Ayodhya monk

Banglahunt Desk: A few days ago, the entire country was in a frenzy over the brutal murder of Ankita, a resident of Jharkhand. People from different parts of the country have also demanded the hanging of the accused in this incident. Accused Shahrukh poured petrol on Ankita and set her on fire as she refused to accept his marriage proposal.

Raju Das, senior priest of Ayodhya’s main Siddhapeeth Hanumangari, issued a statement on the matter. He said that a reward of 11 lakh rupees will be given to anyone who can burn Ankita’s killer Shahrukh by pouring petrol on him. He also claims that the prize money has already reached him. He said now I am waiting for justice for this girl from Jharkhand. That is, he wants to see who takes the prize money from Shah Rukh by burning him in public.

Releasing a video with the statement, Raju Das said, “What fault did Ankita of Jharkhand do? Shahrukh wanted to force her to marry him. When Ankita refused, she was doused with petrol and brutally burnt to death. Till her last breath, Ankita said, Shah Rukh should suffer the same amount of pain she is suffering.

His further statement, “Our sister is no longer in this world today. But for the peace of his soul something should be done for what was done to him. So I am announcing a reward of Rs 11 lakh to anyone who can publicly burn the accused Shah Rukh.” Purohit Raju also said that no girl in the country should be a victim of love jihad. In that case, everyone should do research about family and culture before entering into any relationship.

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