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Her husband was strangled to death for wanting to have sex

Her husband was strangled to death for wanting to have sex
Her husband was strangled to death for wanting to have sex

His wife Halima herself killed Akbar Ali Sana by suffocating her because she was not allowed to have sexual intercourse. Later a suicide drama was arranged. Wife Rahima Begum said this after the arrest.

A team of PBI Jessore arrested the wife Rahima Begum from her house in Satbaria village of Keshabpur upazila. At the same time, they have revealed the mystery of this murder.

According to PBI, disputes between husband and wife continued. Last February 21 night, Akbar Ali Sana went to sleep with his wife and children. After four o’clock in the morning, Akbar Ali Sana offered physical intercourse with the accused wife Rahima Begum. But Rahima does not agree. Then Sana beats up Rahima.

Rahima Begum became enraged and Akbar Ali quarreled with Sana and hit Sana on the face. During the scuffle, the victim Akbar Ali Sana was hit on the head with the bed. At one point, Rahima Begum strangled her by wrapping her veil around Sana’s neck. Later he announced that he had committed suicide by crying. Then the police came and recovered the body. A wrongful death case was also filed in this incident. At one point, the post-mortem report revealed that Sana was strangled to death, not suicide.

Later, the victim’s brother Adam Shafiullah filed a murder case at Manirampur police station as a plaintiff. PBI took charge of the case. The investigating officer of the case, SI Habibur Rahman, found evidence of Halima’s involvement in the investigation. Rahima was arrested from Kebashpur by a special operation and handed over to the court.

On Saturday, Rahima confessed to the murder and gave a statement in court. Senior Judicial Magistrate Shampa Bose ordered the accused to be sent to jail after taking the statement.

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