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Not only health insurance! If you don’t know some important things, you will be in big trouble

New Delhi: Since the corona epidemic, health awareness has increased among the general public. Apart from this, financial problems also became evident during the Covid period. And for that many are turning to health insurance. In fact, people have realized the need for health insurance at this time. As a result, people’s views on health insurance have changed a lot.

In fact, everyone wants to get the right health care during an emergency. And for this, everyone wants to invest in health insurance. Because if the health suddenly deteriorates, a huge amount of money is required for its treatment. And to get rid of such problems, health insurance is very important. For this, nowadays everyone wants to invest in health insurance. But these days there are different types of health insurance in the market. Because of this, many people do not understand where to get the best health insurance services. Let’s take a look at the expert opinion on some important issues related to health insurance.

And experts always advise to choose health insurance policy cover with more money coverage. Recently Moneycontrol has also issued a health insurance rating on this subject. By this everyone will benefit by choosing suitable health insurance. Buying a policy is not the only thing that matters when it comes to health insurance. In this case, the amount of insurance coverage is also very important.

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Important role of city or place –How much money the health policy i.e. health insurance coverage should be depends on who lives in which place i.e. in which city. Bhavatosh Mishra, director of Niba Bupa Health Insurance, said that there is a huge difference in healthcare costs between Delhi and Bhubaneswar. A large number of people choose the healthcare services of the place where they live. For this one should choose health insurance keeping in mind the healthcare costs of that state or city and cover the health policy accordingly. Because the cost of treatment in different states or different cities is different. While the cost of treatment is the same in metro cities, the cost of treatment in other cities may vary. For this it is necessary to keep this point in mind while choosing a health policy.

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How to choose health policy if want exclusive roomAmit Chhabra, head of, said that if someone wants to arrange a separate room or a deluxe room for themselves in the hospital, then the coverage of Rs 5 lakh will end very soon. That is, if someone wants to arrange an exclusive room for treatment, then he has to choose the health policy accordingly. In this case, it should be seen that there is no sub-limit of room rent in that policy. That is, while choosing the health insurance, you have to check that what is the limit of the cost of the treatment room in that health insurance coverage. In this case, the higher the coverage of the health policy, the higher the premium.

Role of Age in Health Policy –Those who are older, need to opt for a health policy with more coverage. Because various diseases are more common with age. Let’s take an example – a 35 year old person and another 55 year old person have different health related problems and needs. But with increasing age, the need for health insurance also increases. For this, experts feel that senior citizens need to opt for health insurance with more coverage. In this case, those who want to add their parents to the health insurance policy should not do so. Because it often shows that the claim expires very quickly. Actually, that money is mainly spent for the treatment of the elderly. This requires a separate health insurance with higher coverage for elderly parents.

First published: September 04, 2022, 12:48 IST

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