Killing his friend Yasin for not getting the money he was owed, Matha

Killing his friend Yasin for not getting the money he was owed, Matha
Killing his friend Yasin for not getting the money he was owed, Matha

Satkhira: Zakir Hossain killed his friend Yasin Ali by slitting his throat after not being able to collect the 20,000 rupees owed. Five days after Yasin Ali’s headless body was recovered, RAB-6 reported on Sunday (September 4).

RAB recovered the head of the deceased Yasin Ali from the sink under the bridge in Kamalnagar area of ​​Satkhira suburb.

Earlier, the killer Zakir Hossain was arrested on Saturday night from Alipur Champardanga area of ​​Sadar Upazila. Zakir is a resident of Garekanda area of ​​Satkhira municipality.

In the press conference organized in Kamalnagar area of ​​the city on Sunday morning, the captain of RAB-6 (Khulna) Lt. Colonel Mostak Ahmed said that Zakir Hossain had a friendship with Yasin Ali, the owner of a tea shop in front of Sadar Upazila Parishad. Talking about business, Yasin Ali borrowed 20 thousand taka from Zakir.

Yasin had a heated argument with Zakir last week for not paying the money even after a long time had passed. Zakir plans to take revenge after this incident. On Tuesday night, Zakir took Yasin to Bakchra intersection near the bypass, saying that he was doing masonry work. The two started talking there. In the middle of the night when there was no one around, Zakir stabbed Yasin with his chin and severed his head. Later, he threw the body in a nearby enclosure and the head in a pond under the bridge, one kilometer away, and fled.

Zakir will be handed over to Sadar police station after the legal process, RAB official Mostak Ahmed said.

It is known that the police recovered the headless body of a tea seller named Yasin Ali from the perimeter adjacent to the bypass road in Satkhira suburb on Wednesday morning. He was a resident of Sultanpur area of ​​the municipality and used to sell tea in front of Sadar Upazila Parishad.

That night, Akalima Khatun, the wife of the deceased, filed a murder case at the Sadar police station.

Bangladesh Time: 1255 hours, September 04, 2022

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