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100 rupees were caught red handed gold robbers of 6 million rupees! Strange incident in Delhi

Bangla Hunt Desk: This time, the special members of the operation cell of Central Delhi got a big success. It is known that the terrible robbery (Delhi Robbery) which happened in the early hours of August 31 in Paharganj has been brought to an end. A total of 5 criminals were involved in that robbery. According to reports, Mumbai based courier company “Jai Mata Di” has an office located at Daribapan Gali in Paharganj. Two employees there were carrying bags of jewelery to a car parked on the road for delivery. At that time, five miscreants suddenly came and blocked their way.

It is even reported that one of the miscreants was wearing a police uniform. Basically, the five stopped both the employees in the name of checking and sprinkled lankara powder in their eyes. In this situation, they snatched the bags full of ornaments from the employees and ran away. Meanwhile, the police reached the spot after receiving the news of this misadventure and started investigation.

Police started investigation by collecting CCTV footage of the entire area. It was then revealed from the footage that the accused were targeting the employees of the company for about 5 days. Not only that, during the investigation, the police found a footage showing the miscreants talking to a taxi driver a few days before the robbery. In this situation, the police tracked down the taxi driver.

Meanwhile, the whole mystery of this robbery is revealed as soon as the taxi driver is found. The driver said that the accused had transferred Rs 100 to him through Paytm. In this case, the number to which the money was transferred from Paytm is tracked and the movements of the persons associated with the number are monitored. Besides, the police know from the location that the miscreants are in Rajasthan.

In this context, District DCP Shweta Chauhan said, ACP (Operations) Ajay Kumar Singh conducted this entire investigation in a very professional manner. He sent his experienced inspector Sandeep Godhra along with the entire team to Rajasthan for the raid. After reaching Rajasthan last Friday, the police arrested the three miscreants Nagesh, Shivam, Manish who were hiding in a flat. Also, according to their statement, all the stolen items were recovered from Jhajjar area of ​​Haryana. It is known that they robbed about 6 crore worth of goods. And this is how the police succeeded in investigating the biggest robbery incident in Delhi.

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