Temple may be on the ground in the ruined twin towers! There is a warning to go to the Supreme Court again if there is a building

Banglahunt Desk: Noida’s 100-metre-tall twin towers were demolished in a blast on the orders of the Supreme Court, but a dispute arose over new construction on the land. According to sources, the matter may go to court. A final decision is yet to be taken on what will be built on the land where the two towers were illegally constructed by Supertech.

According to a report by news agency PTI, the builder wants to build a new residential project at that place. At the same time, residents who have gone to court against the builder say they will go to court again if Supertech works on another residential project there. Emerald Court Residents Association President Uday Bhan Singh Teotia told PTI, “Of course, we are going to oppose any such attempt by the builder. If necessary, we will also approach the court.”

A meeting will soon be held with the people living there to discuss the matter. There have already been many proposals for the use of the Twin Towers site, one of which is the construction of a temple. Teotia said, “The twin towers came illegally inside the society premises. The area was earmarked for greening. No doubt we are going to build a park there now. Many have also suggested a temple. But soon we are going to hold a meeting with people from all walks of life. A decision will be taken based on that.”

Supertech chairman RK Arora, on the other hand, said that they have plans to develop a housing project on the site and if necessary, permission will be sought from the residents’ association. The organization said that they have 2 acres of land which does not come under green cover. Arora also said, “Currently the value of the land should be around Rs 80 crore. We have also contributed around Rs 25 crore to purchase additional FAR (Floor Area Ratio) in this project.”

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