The agreement for setting up ‘Mongla Vayu Power Plant’ was signed today

The agreement for setting up ‘Mongla Vayu Power Plant’ was signed today
The agreement for setting up ‘Mongla Vayu Power Plant’ was signed today

The Bangladesh Power Development Board will enter into an agreement with a Bangladesh-China consortium to set up a 55 MW wind power plant on a self-managed basis at Mongla in Bagerhat. It is said that this agreement will be signed between the two on Sunday.
According to the proposed agreement, state-owned BPDB will buy electricity from the independent power generation plant for 20 years.
Earlier in December 2020, the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement approved the China-Bangladesh consortium to set up the wind power plant.
As per the proposal, a consortium of Invision Energy, Jiangsu Company Limited, China, SQ Trading and Engineering, Bangladesh Invision Renewable Energy Limited, Hong Kong will construct the Mongla Green Power Plant under a Special Vehicle Project (SPV).
The estimated cost of the project is 96.597 million US dollars. State-owned BPDB will buy from the power plant at the rate of Tk 13 per kilowatt hour.
A BPDB official said that the government will pay Tk 2,35.12 crore from this private power plant under the contract.
A BPDB official said the Sino-Bangladeshi consortium was the lowest taxpayer participating in the tender process.
According to the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), the Bangladesh Power Development Board has started implementing the target of setting up one thousand 152 megawatt wind power plants in 2020 and has set up three wind power plants with a total capacity of 2.9 megawatts.
Earlier in March 2015, BPDB had awarded the US-DK Green Energy (BD) project contract for setting up the 60 MW Khuruskul power plant in the southeastern part of the Maheshkhali River in Cox’s Bazar. Taylor Engineering Group of USA and PH-Consulting Group of Denmark and Multiple Green Energy of Bangladesh jointly took the agreement to implement this project. But this sponsor failed to implement the project in the last five years.
BPDB’s Mongla project is also a project like those three projects. But the move failed to attract large scale participation from bidders.
A BPDB official said the sole bidder, Chinese firm Invision Energy, took part in the tender and selected Mongla as one of the two locations.
BPDB Senior Officer Md. Zaheer Ahmed said that the deadline for submitting the tender which was called has been extended till December 31. BPDB had abandoned the tender. BPDB had earlier invited tenders for a 100 MW offshore wind power project. But could not find a buyer.
BPDB and Shreda officials said several evaluation studies have been conducted on the country’s wind power with the help of international donor agencies.
Recently, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has identified nine sites for wind power generation across the country.
The average wind speed at the locations ranges from five to seven meters per second with a maximum of 60-80 meters per second. The places are Natore’s Lalpur, Chandpur, Sitakunda and Parke Beach in Chittagong, Gowdipur in Mymensingh, Madhupur Tea Garden in Habiganj, Dakop area near Mongla Port in Khulna, Inani Beach in Cox’s Bazar and Badarganj in Rangpur.
According to the report submitted by NREN to the Electricity Department, it is possible to generate 30,000 megawatts of wind power in the country where the wind speed is 5.75 to 7.75 per second over 20,000 square kilometers.
Experts in the renewable energy industry have complained that implementing agencies have failed to highlight wind power specifics in pitching them to potential investors. Source: UNB

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