At the end of the season, the farmers are disappointed not to get the price of onion

Onion prices were low from the start. Many kept onions stocked in the hope of price increase. But the farmers are disappointed not to get fair price of onion even at the end of the season. As a result, production costs are not rising for many people.

On Saturday (September 3), the largest onion market in the country can be seen at Bangram, the market is full of onions. Many people put onion sacks in vans on the road without getting a place in the market. The demand in the market is not proportional to the production. Traders are not keen to buy more onions. As a result, the farmers called the traders and sold onions. The best quality onions are sold at Tk 1200-1400 per annum. And burst onions 1000-1200 taka.

Farmers who come to sell onions in the market said that they have to buy a liter of soybean or mustard oil for Tk 200-250. There, to buy four-five liters of oil, one maund of onion is sold. Production cost is not rising, let alone profit.

Fazlul Haque, a farmer of Bhadrakola village, said, ‘I sold 1200 rupees worth of onions. I was hoping to get a good price at the end of the season. But when I came to the market, I saw that there were fewer people buying onions. I’m disappointed I didn’t get a fair price.’

Farmer of Sujanagar. Bachchu says, ‘Buy a liter of oil for 200 taka. And when the price of onion increases a little, it is said that ‘onion is apple orange’. Now the price is low but not there. Let the government buy our onions now.

He lamented and said, ‘Government should bring more onions from outside. Onion is 40 maunds in one bigha land. Then it is necessary to calculate how much money is available from one bigha and how much money is spent.’

Jasim Uddin, a farmer of Bamondanga village of Santhia upazila, said, ‘If you want to grow onions on land, you have to buy seeds and rent seedbeds for producing seedlings. Land cultivation, irrigation, fertiliser, dung, weeding, labor and lifting cost is about 35-40 thousand rupees per bigha. Those who cultivate land on lease from others have to pay more per bigha. Besides, many small and big farmers cultivate onions by taking loans from moneylenders at high interest rates.

He also said, ‘This time, every bigha of onion land has to be leased for 15-20 thousand taka. In this, the production cost of onion farmers per bigha has fallen to Tk 40-45 thousand. The average yield of onion is 40-50 maunds per bigha. As such, the cost of production is not rising if it is sold at Tk 1200-1400 per maund. In addition, low quality onions have to be sold at a lower price.

Onion dealer. Rashid says, ‘We buy onions from markets like Bangram, Ataikula, Kashinathpur, Chinakhara and deliver them to Karwan Bazar, Narayanganj. The price is low. So it is not possible to buy onion at a high price.’

Bangladesh Farmers Association (BFA) central president and prominent farmer of Pabna district Shahjahan Ali said, ‘onion market is the most unstable. It is difficult to tell when the price suddenly increases and then suddenly decreases. Farmers are affected by this.’

He also said, ‘If the farmer lives, the country will live. If there is no profit, the farmers will be in debt for life. It should be ensured that onion farmers also benefit with all agricultural products. Government policy makers should keep an eye on that.’

Directorate of Agricultural Extension Pabna Deputy Director Dr. Saiful Islam told Jago News that Santhia and Sujanagar of Pabna district are onion capitals. More than a quarter of the country’s onion is produced in Pabna district.

He also said that farmers usually get better prices towards the end of the season. This time the price has come down a bit as there is more supply in the market.

Amin Islam Jewell/SJ/MS

The article is in Bengali

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