She started her business with just 3 thousand rupees, today this brave woman has built a company worth 130 crore rupees

Bangla Hunt Desk: Success can only be achieved by keeping one’s focus on the goal and removing all the obstacles in the way. This mantra is behind every man’s success. In this situation, in the present report today we will present to you the case of a fighting woman who has created a unique success story by relying on herself and courage. Also, Neelam Mohan kept his goal despite facing thousands of obstacles. And based on that, he has created an empire of 130 crores.

He got married during his studies: According to a report in “The Weekend Leader” in this context, Neelam Mohan got married to an IIT-MBA Professional named Amit Mohan while she was a graduate student of Banaras Hindu University. In this situation, Neelam had to move to Delhi with her husband after marriage at the age of 21. Meanwhile, Neelam wanted to do something on her own from the beginning. And that’s why he started a company called “Fashion” at the age of 22. However, she took maternity leave in 1978.

Career started with a salary of 3 thousand rupees: Later, he started designing menswear as a freelancer while staying in Delhi and got associated with UP Export Corporation. At that time he was getting a salary of only three thousand rupees per month. It was during that job that Neelam thought of starting her own business. Also, Neelam started working with his friend Harminder Saldhi to make that plan a reality. Neelam started a startup company called Opera House Private Limited in 1983 with friends Harminder and Sushil Kumar. There they started working day and night. Even, at one time the turnover of that company reached more than 15 lakh rupees.

Problems to be faced: However, as Neelam was getting success, he also had to face several problems. Neelam separated from her husband in 1991 due to personal reasons. Meanwhile, after that, he also had differences with his partners. In fact, at one point Neelam had to sell his stake in the company for Rs 3 crore.

Neelam started again: Despite facing various problems, Neelam did not give up. Rather, in 1993, he started his own company called Magnolia Blossom with 4 tailors. Neelam bought a house for his new company for 1 crore 40 lakhs and converted the house into a factory.

The company incurs losses: In 2002, Neelam’s company faced losses. In this situation, a friend of his came forward to help the company. Meanwhile, Neelam’s son Siddharth had returned to India after completing his studies in America. Seeing his mother working day and night, Siddharth also decided to help her.

Finally match success: Through Neelam’s hard work and patience, her company has reached 130 crore rupees. Currently, both Siddharth and his wife Pallavi are sitting as directors of Magnolia Martinique Clothing Pvt. Their office is located in Noida. They also have a factory. Above all, Neelam has also built a home for senior citizens named Panchabati since 2009 to provide state-of-the-art facilities for senior citizens.

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