Weather Update Get To Know About Weather Forecast Of Hooghly District Of West Bengal On 4th September

Hooghly Weather Update: Know how the weather of Hooghly district will be today (Hooghly Weather Today). In this district of South Bengal, the maximum temperature will be close to 33 degrees Celsius today, Sunday, September 4. On the other hand, the minimum temperature will be around 27 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity in the air is 83 percent, which is much higher than normal. The residents of Hooghly will suffocate in the sweltering heat due to excess humidity. The heat will not decrease now. Scattered rain is likely today. But there will be no heavy rain. Light to moderate rain is likely in Hooghly district. But despite the rain, the heat is not reducing now. Today the wind speed will be around 11 km per hour.

A much higher than normal relative humidity will cause the maximum temperature to feel much higher than it actually is. Residents of Hooghly will be panting in the sweltering heat. The residents of this district of South Bengal will not be spared from the uncomfortable weather due to extreme relative humidity. Today the sky will be partly cloudy. Scattered rain is also likely in different parts of Hooghly district. But even if it rains, the weather will not be pleasant. Temporary relief may be available.

Sunrise and sunset: Today sunrise will be at 5:19 AM. And sunset will be at 5:51 PM.

Hooghly district may see maximum temperature around 34 degrees Celsius tomorrow. And the minimum temperature may be around 26 degrees Celsius. Wind speed can be around 18 km per hour. Tomorrow will also be partly cloudy. Scattered rain is likely. Light to moderate rain is possible. But it will not reduce the heat. Because the relative humidity will be much higher than normal.

Geographical Location of Hooghly District (Hooghly Geographical Situation): Hooghly district is located about 40 km north of Kolkata and on the west bank of the famous river Hooghly. The district is named after this river. The Hooghly River lies to the east of this district, 200 meters above sea level. Hooghly is south of Howrah district and north of Burdwan. It also has Bankura district to its northwest and Midnipur district to its southwest. Hooghly district has four subdivisions. They are respectively – Chunchura, Srirampur, Chandannagar and Arambagh. The tourism office of this district is located at Chunchura.

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