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Kolkata News Swastika Mukherjee Tweet On Anubrata

Kolkata News Swastika Mukherjee Tweet On Anubrata
Kolkata News Swastika Mukherjee Tweet On Anubrata

Kolkata: Anubrata Manadal caught by the CBI in the cow poaching case in the state is in the daily headlines. He is currently in jail. There is no end of news about him. And at this moment Swastika Mukherjee tweeted about ‘Anubrata’.

Swastikar tweeted about ‘Anubrata’, what did he write?

No, what you are thinking is not true. He is not Anuvrata Mondal of Birbhum, who was arrested in the cow smuggling case. But who is talking about the post on social media? Swastika’s old photo of herself, ‘How are you Anubrata?’ Posted on Twitter. Directed by Partha Sen, the film starred Ritvik Chakraborty in the lead role alongside Swastika. Actors and actresses like Devalena Dutta, Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Sujan Mukhopadhyay also played important roles. Basically, the film is being seen on every web platform from Saturday. But to avoid any doubt, Swastika has made it clear that Anuvrata is not the one thinking. Look at the commotion. I was waiting for it to come on OTT. And you will see. This is one of my works with Hrithik Chakraborty. On the other hand, Criminal Justice Season-2 is currently starring Purab Kohli. As fluent as he is seen in Bengali films, he has caught the frame of the web series with such skill.

Arrested by the CBI in the cow poaching case in the state, he is currently in jail

Incidentally, among the several cases in the state, the cow smuggling case is in the headlines at the moment. Anubrata Mondal was arrested in that case and went to jail. The whole of Bengal is in a frenzy. The CBI has raised questions around his properties, rice mills, one after the other at Bolpur in Birbhum. CBI has come out to hunt, Rice mill Locano Sarisari luxury cars. Even allegations have been made against his daughter. He has given Malakana to his daughter in multiple properties. CBI has not left to summon that side. Investigation is still going on. Anubrata’s relatives are in the CBI scanner.

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