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Prices have started to drop

Prices have started to drop
Prices have started to drop

At Hili in Dinajpur, the price of rice imported from India fell by Tk 2 to Tk 4 per kg at the retail level after 3 days of release from the port. Last Tuesday (August 31) at noon, after submission of bill of entry of rice at Hili Customs, the process of rice release started after inspection customs clearance.

On Saturday, September 3 at noon, it was seen that golden rice has reduced by 2 taka to 50 taka, 28 varieties of rice have reduced by 2 taka to 56 taka and miniket rice has reduced by 4 taka to 66 taka per kg.

Abdur Rahman, who came to buy rice in Heli market, said that the price of Swarna-5 variety of rice was 52 Tk. Today, I bought 10 kg of rice at Tk 48.

Meanwhile, Babul Hossain, a rice seller in Hilli Bazar, said that the price of rice in Hilli Bazar has started to decrease due to low duty on rice import and sale of OMS rice. The price has decreased by 2 to 4 rupees per kg depending on the type. He also said that if the import of rice from India continues, the price may fall further.

The rice importers of Hili land port said that when the rice market in the country rises, the import duty was reduced from 62.5 percent to 25 percent to keep the rice market normal, and the importers started importing rice through the port from July 23. But due to the increase in the value of the dollar and the increase in the price of rice by Indian traders, rice imports were suffering losses. So trucks loaded with rice were left at the port for 25/30 days without clearing the rice in the hope of lowering the duty. Due to this, about 12 and a half thousand tons of rice got stuck in 306 trucks at the port, causing a product jam. Then last Sunday (August 28) night, the government announced a further reduction in rice duty from 25 percent to 5 percent.
The next day on Monday 29th August due to the complexity of the documents it was not possible to release the rice from the port, but the next day on Tuesday 30th August the rice release process started.

According to Hili land port sources, 5 thousand 300 metric tons of rice has been cleared from 130 Indian trucks since August 30. Also, 139 trucks have approximately 5,500 metric tons waiting for release.

In this regard, Harun ur Rashid Harun, president of Hili land port import-export group, said that we have continued to import rice. More sufficient power will be imported. Hope the price will drop further.

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