Jatiya Party is not Awami League’s B-Team: GM Quader

Jatiya Party is not Awami League’s B-Team: GM Quader
Jatiya Party is not Awami League’s B-Team: GM Quader

Chairman of Jatiya Party (JPA) Golam Mohammad (GM) Quader said that his party is never the B-team of Awami League. Both Awami League and BNP have cheated the people of the country.

JAPA chairman said this in an event on Friday (September 3).

Stating that farce is going on in the name of elections, GM Quader said that the common people of the country are the owners of the republic. However, they are not able to elect representatives at will, even if they do not like, they are unable to change the representatives today. Representative government does not reflect the will of the people. In short, the republic that is the people own or the country is absent in reality. The common people’s ownership of the country has been stripped away.

At noon on this day, some leaders and activists of various political parties joined Zapa under the leadership of Altafur Rahman, a prominent businessman of Moulvibazar, in the office of Zapa Chairman.

Earlier in the morning, a meeting of the Presidium of Japa was held. Presidium members unanimously supported the proposal of the parliamentary party meeting to make GM Quader the leader of the opposition.

It was decided in the meeting that whoever joins hands with the conspirators against the Jatiya Party, irrespective of the level of the leader, will be expelled as per the constitution of the party.


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The article is in Bengali

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