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Are we not free from fear? the thought

Are we not free from fear? the thought
Are we not free from fear? the thought

Corona drowned us in the ocean of fear for almost two and a half years. Just when this fear was fading away, the Russia-Ukraine war started. Energy and food problems appeared all over the world. Oil prices rose. Everything went up in his hands. The lower and middle classes are now restless due to the increase in prices. People’s income is not increasing, expenditure is increasing unbridled. Fear and panic have been created in most of the people of the country. How will the next days go? How can the income-expenditure figures be reconciled?

Apart from this, conflicts are also increasing in politics. Anxiety and fear are increasing. A culture of fear has been created in the country. It is not that there is absolutely no protest-criticism. But still there is fear. Fear of attack, fear of being attacked. The method is old. Methods of intimidation, methods of winning, methods of survival and influence. This method is applied by those who are afraid inside. Those who work, who have self-confidence, who are able to respond to others’ questions and criticisms, are not afraid. People who believe in democracy have confidence in themselves and others. But those who are half-hearted in fear use force. is aggressive. Fear of what? Fear of losing power. Fear of losing heaven. Fear of being attacked.

Victims also often retaliate. In a game of attack and counter-attack, the ‘victims’ are always in fear. Anger is born out of fear. And from anger comes violence. And jealousy breeds fear. This is how the cycle of fear continues.

The question is whether our survival is only a sum of fear and apprehension? Thinking more broadly, what is the root of the creation of civilization fear? And the urge to protect yourself from that fear is creating fear?

Maybe so. People were once afraid of the terrible form of nature. He took shelter in the cave to escape from that terrible form. People were afraid of the dark. Fire was discovered in the urge to escape from that darkness. People were afraid of people of other groups. So he learned to stay organized in order to survive. People were most afraid of death. Death was mysterious to him. He did not want to believe in anything, death is the end of life. He is afraid of everything. Fear of earthquake, fear of flood, fear of storm, fear of illness, fear of loss of life. People are always haunted by fear.

We want shelter. We want someone who will protect us, who will free us from all our fears. So as we have fear, we also try to overcome fear. And because of that, human civilization has reached here today. Otherwise, we would have remained in the primitive age because of fear. Today all over the world so many houses, so many roads, so many vehicles, so many machines, so many weapons for what?

Everything happened in the urge to escape from fear. Man’s greatest enemy is man. People fear people more than anything today. I heard that snakes are very scary. Snakes bite people out of fear. We are like snakes. Such a country may attack me. So punish such and such a country. how to do We have no power. we are weak That is why the weapon was created. There are no more ancient weapons. After the age of knives and swords, we have come to the age of atomic bombs. Now all kinds of terrible weapons have been made. Which can wipe out huge populations silently in a moment. What is its purpose? The purpose is the same. Wipe out the enemy. Because I cannot live in peace without fear unless I destroy the enemy.

Note that the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 has sent a new message to us. This incident has established the fact that death can arrive at the doorstep of almost all people in the world at any moment. In order to bring the extreme saying that death kills life in one stroke, to the daily life of eating rice and brushing teeth, without keeping it in philosophy or metaphysics. There was terrorism before, there was a frenzy of bombings, but 9/11 changed that a lot in terms of numbers or scale or novelty of methods. The terror that was limited to some specific geography, in one era that geography has been shattered and the world has become equal, united. This is another globalization. The globalization of fear. All-pervading fear, all-consuming fear.

Terrorism has won by creating this fear. And we? defeated Rabindranath must have meant to prevent that defeat, “As many times as the mask of fear has made him believe / So many times have there been defeats.” But we understand, at least in this case trying to prevent defeat is impossible, so it is better to accept him. We have accepted. Anger is born out of fear. And from anger is born the passion for war. But we do not think that war destroys both our sides. Because the one who wins the war, after the war is so upset that it is a kind of defeat. Who benefited from the fact that there were two world wars? Who is rich? No one did. However, during this war, vehicles improved, weapons improved. Destroying people has become much easier. Now, sitting at home, I can drop bombs on other countries’ chests. There is no need to go to the battlefield. What is the root of the improvement of science? Or fear? Fear of course. We don’t want to go to the battlefield and die out of fear. So sitting at home we want to destroy the enemies. Before there was war, there was valor. Now there is war, no valor.

Today we fear science. worship Can’t deny science. The fact that we are living happily today is because of science. But I can’t say when I will see the grim face of science. There is nothing we fear more than science these days. That thing is politics. Billions of people in our country. All people want power. Why do you want power? Power wants from that fear. Because, if I have power in hand, my fear will decrease. The party will be by my side, the administration will be there. There will be police. I can live in peace. But living in peace is not easy for political leaders. Because the party and the party are not the same. more than one All parties want to be in power. As a result, one group tries hard to overthrow another group. Fight for him.

So, the leaders also spend their days in fear of turmoil. Being in power is always thorny with the fear of being overthrown. And our situation is miserable. As the saying goes, the king fought against the king, Ulukhagara lost his life. We are going crazy. When there is a fight between two political parties, we are afraid.

Because fighting is not done with hands, either with bombs, pistols, arson. We fled the village in fear. But where to escape? Who will give us shelter? God? Science? No, none of them can provide shelter. Leaders will give us shelter. Like great people, they have the same thing. They will say, “You worship me.” If you worship with devotion, then you will have money, house, car. Police will provide shelter. Food can be afforded by buying things at higher prices. And if you do not, then your destruction is inevitable. We are weak and helpless people. So we live in fear for ages. Do we have freedom from fear?

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