Implementation of action oriented education

Implementation of action oriented education
Implementation of action oriented education

A modern education system rich in information technology is necessary for the development of the country and the nation. Online and media-based education system has occupied the place of conventional education in the world. Advances in online and electronic technology have increased the number of workplaces. Along with that, human skills and performance have also increased manifold.

Educated and skilled manpower is required in the workplace. Baubi Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Under the leadership of Syed Humayun Akhtar, it is open to all, Baubi is working on this new initiation of mass-oriented and lifelong education.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Humayun Akhtar said neglected men and women of the society, housewife, Unemployed youth, A dropout student, Minorities, Third gender population, Worker, Deprived of educational opportunities, Various activities have been undertaken in Baubi with the aim of providing access to education with the help of science and technology to the people engaged in various professions and interested in education..

Baubi is committed to the implementation of the Vision 2041 of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh by providing Baubi education services to the target population and increasing skills in career-oriented education by transforming the population into public resources.. In the light of Bangabandhu’s universal education policy, Baubi is working relentlessly on action-oriented education to make education mass-oriented and create skilled manpower.. He strongly believes in serving students with special needs.

Needbase program will be launched in Baubi considering the socio-economic condition of the country. One of the objectives of Baubi’s education program is to create jobs, businesses and entrepreneurship to create employment for the marginalized and backward people of the country.

Twenty ongoing education programs in line with the needs of the times^Baubi is moving forward by facing various challenges to improve quality. There are also plans to streamline academic programs as needed.

Baubi has launched an out-of-country education program so that expatriate Bangladeshi remittance fighters get education through Baubi so that they can live with self-respect and have a better family and social life.. Already South Korea, Baubi’s education programs are ongoing in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is possible to increase the country’s GDP by skilling the remittance warriors in Baubi’s education.

Professor Dr. Syed Humayun Akhtar also said, Our way of life and thoughts are constantly changing due to the influence of intelligence. Our challenges are now greater, The whole world is now at hand due to smart phones, but due to sky culture and various elements of smartphones, many of our children and youth are going astray..

As a result, they practice sukumarvritti, sport, Cultural studies, book reading, Religious education, Baubi is also thinking of developing various apps on various topics including family friendly behavior and building values. At the speed and technology that information technology is moving forward, we should also move forward by improving the quality of education in Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla Binirman.. This requires good teamwork and speed.

With the rapid spread of technology, there is a need for quality work-oriented education. Bangabandhu’s dream of building a golden bangla should be realized by transforming manpower into public resources through action-oriented education. Realization of the Prime Minister’s Vision 2041 is possible by carrying out Bangabandhu’s ideals and philosophy wholeheartedly and fulfilling one’s responsibilities with integrity and devotion above individual interests..

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, everyone in the world is part of a knowledge-based society. Knowledge creation, U. in storage and distributiontWe all need to be involved in crisis management. Quality assurance in education is a challenge in implementing the Prime Minister’s pledge to create a developed Bangladesh by 2041..

The Vice-Chancellor mentioned that in order to achieve the Vision 2041 and SDG 2030 of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and to develop it as an educational institution suitable for the fourth industrial revolution, it is essential to bring Baubi under complete automation on an urgent basis and Baubi is working towards that goal as well..

Bangladesh Open Twenty^One of the objectives of the school is quality education for all, To provide unfettered opportunities for education especially to those who could not take advantage of the conventional education system of the country due to various other reasons including financial difficulties.. Any class through distance learning and open education system, People of profession and age can receive education from their respective positions.

Bauby is a self-made easy-to-understand textbook, SSC to MPhil in electronic and online media and in bladed mode, Conducting various programs up to Ph.D. Baubi is the only public world in the countryThe school whichš§It has taken upon itself the important responsibility of educating the vast population of the country through open and distance learning methods..

We should give special importance to action-oriented education to build a happy, prosperous nation and a developed country by acquiring capabilities to meet challenges at the national and international levels.. Along with general education, work-oriented education is more important to ensure sustainable development. Countries that have developed rapidly in the world have all given importance to practical education systems.

Bangladesh Open University has launched various career-oriented education to meet the needs of life, Which is now at the peak of popularity. Baubi’s online and electronic education has led to the government’s implementation of digital education to create a technology-friendly environment in an open education system. Baubi has been recognized as a role model for digital education at national and international level.

Bangladesh Open Twenty^The school is now a self-sufficient educational institution in information and technology. Baubi students are able to enroll in various programs while working from home through the Online Service and Payment System (SPS).. E-Books and Study Guides are available on the website. bobby tube, Open TV, Web TV, Web Radio, Youtube, Audio in remote areas via Twitter and Facebook, Watching and listening to video lectures.

Through online students are able to answer questions and exchange information from the teacher sitting at a specific place. Online classes are available through video conferencing and video streaming via Skype and VideoRen (IFZUG).. Various information including e-book downloads are available through mobile apps.

Bauby’s innovative software makes the test results available online quickly. There is also a facility to complain about the results online at home. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been introduced to streamline administrative work and manage human resources., Launched Open Educational Resource (GOUZ), Learning Management System (LMS) is for education management., student, the teacher, official, Mobile SMS communication system is in place to provide quick information to all the employees.

At present the number of students in Baubi is about nine lakh, Baubi’s position in terms of students is all over the world^ the seventh. The number of e-books is more than five hundred. There are about 500 audio video programs on different tubes. In line with the needs of the times, Baubi has launched Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation, MasterÕs in Public Health, Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences, Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound, Honors on various subjects, Masters, MPhil and PhD programs.

Besides, there is the army, Separate SSC and HSC programs for Navy and Air Force personnel through online activities.Baubi has been launched with the aim of enabling the Bangladeshi working population abroad to survive in the international market as skilled human resources Academic programs abroad in Bangladesh.

Human resources are being created in Baubi’s education. Disenfranchised marginalized groups of society and those living in remote areas are able to become employable even while living in their respective localities through Baubi’s online education.. Bauby’s computer-based audio video conferencing system, Internet, website, Multimedia, Hyper media, Super Highway, A special contribution has been made by facilitating the expansion of education in a short period of time through the use of satellites and fiber optics.

Baubi has non-formal education programs aimed at increasing people’s awareness on various issues and sustainable development. Which is deeply related to the needs and development of the country. the environment, Disaster Management, Poverty alleviation, Rural development, Health and Family Planning, Improving the quality of healthcare, Matrimangal child identification, Increasing rural women’s entrepreneurship, Raising awareness of housewives, Poultry, Livestock rearing, Irrigation Management, mtCultivation, food preparation, afforestation, Implementation of Agricultural Extension Programmes- Keeping these issues in mind informal programs have been formulated.

Radio on these issues to advance the multifaceted development projects and development activities of the unemployed youth in different environments including Gramganj., Efforts have been made to create awareness by broadcasting programs on TV and YouTube.

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