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VC syndicates have become arenas for corruption

VC syndicates have become arenas for corruption
VC syndicates have become arenas for corruption

Sylhet Agricultural University has turned into an arena of corruption due to three-dimensional syndicate. Due to which various procurement committees are ineffective. And this syndicate was led by the VC himself. VC Dr. Md. After the appointment of Matiar Rahman Hawladar, there was stagnation in the administrative and academic fields in Sikribi. Allegations of corruption and misappropriation of funds in various sectors. The VC could not bring a single rupee for the development allocation during the four years of the tenure. But he gave up the allocation of 5 crore rupees in the name of feasibility study. There is no trace of that money. Corruption is going on in the construction of the auditorium.

Besides, a huge amount of money has been lost by buying AC laptops and cars without tender. The VC and his trusted two members know the information of these corruptions and loots. Among them, Abdul Quader Jilani and Professor Dr. Jamaat Panthi Finance Department Officer. AFM Saiful Islam. His wife Dr. Mochammat Najmanara Khanum. At one time he was nominated as the private secretary of the Prime Minister. Later, when the advertisement for that post was cancelled, it had its influence on the university administration. With the influence of his wife, Saiful Islam has built a strong foundation in Sikribi. The VCO is also satisfied with this. He kept that teacher close to him for financial reasons. Apart from this, Sikribir has kept the treasurer’s position and power in the hands of the VC, agricultural resources and finance department under the control of contractual appointments through his friends.

According to related sources, Dr. VC position. Md. After the appointment of Matiar Rahman Hawladar, he announced that he would submit the draft of the university development project to the UGC within the next 1 month. In view of this, a consultancy firm was appointed for the feasibility study. As usual, the ministry also allocated 5 crore rupees for the feasibility study. The consultancy firm started the feasibility study for taking up the development project at around Tk 2500 crore. DPP has not been deposited even after four years. Only the VC can tell why Tk 5 crore was given to the consultancy firm leaving the work of DPP incomplete. That is why there is currently no development project in Sikribi.

On the other hand, money is allocated to various departments and offices, including salaries and allowances of teaching officers and employees on behalf of UGC. Also the university has its own income. Among those incomes are money payable to provident fund of teaching staff, student security deposit, salary, examination fee and security deposit of various contractors. The VC bought a flat worth crores of rupees in Mahakhali in the name of Sikribir’s liaison office with the money allocated by the UGC and the university’s own income.

Meanwhile, Sikribir’s financial security is under threat due to illegal withdrawal of money from various sectors. Because of that, there is dissatisfaction among students, teachers and staff. Sikribir’s engineering branch is primarily engaged in service-oriented work. But as the money from this branch was used for the purchase of Lianjo offices, the administration buildings, various academic faculty buildings, residential buildings, residential halls are dilapidated due to lack of renovation.
Besides, each department, residential hall, faculty has purchase committee for office purchases. There is also a central committee. But without the approval or opinion of the committee, the VC Dr. continued arbitrarily in all purchases. Matiar Rahman Hawlader Hawlader and his associates.

Meanwhile, there are 16 finance department officials to look after the finances. Among them was the crown of the VC’s head. The lucky one is Finance Department. Abdul Quader Jilani.
Tenders were invited for the construction of two academic buildings and an auditorium of Sylhet Agricultural University on December 31 last year. The construction cost is estimated to be around 13 crore 75 lakh 6433 taka. Three companies participated in the tender. The lowest bidder is M/s Friends International.

Besides, Dhali Construction was the 2nd bidder and the 3rd bidder was The Builders Engineers Associates-Chowdhuri Enterprises. In the tender, Messrs. Friends International 13 crore 43 lakh 58 thousand 303 taka, Dhali Construction 13 crore 72 lakh 81 thousand 2062 taka and The Builders Engineers Associates-Chaudhury Enterprise mentioned 13 crore 74 lakh 60 thousand 64 taka. The 2nd and 3rd bidders were the well-known businessman GK Shamim Chakra. The lowest bidder will get the job as per the conditions. But instead, GK Shamim Chakra has hijacked the development work by violating the rules, it is known from several related sources. told

On the other hand, there was no demand for the use of AC in the office rooms of the teachers or officials of the university. There was no AC pressure in the classroom. But suddenly AC laptop is bought in Sikribi. That is why old ACs are removed and new ACs are installed. But in a short time substandard AC and laptop become useless. VC provided AC and laptop to Sikrivi through his close relatives. No tender was invited for purchase of AC or laptop. In addition, the VC did not take any opinion or approval from the purchase committee at Sikribi where a car worth Tk 40 lakh was purchased.
Inquilab tried to contact VC loyalist Abdul Qadir Jilani to talk about his questionable performance in various sectors, including fund diversion and non-transparent process and unnecessary expenditure of money. He did not show the courtesy of answering the phone despite repeated calls on the mobile phone he was using. Therefore, his statement could not be accepted.

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