The photo of the police officer with the accused in the murder case is viral

The photo of the police officer with the accused in the murder case is viral
The photo of the police officer with the accused in the murder case is viral

Several pictures of the relationship of the accused in multiple cases including murder with Inspector (Investigation) Abdul Jabbar of Cox’s Bazar Chakaria police station have gone viral on social media. The picture that went viral shows the moment of taking the pictures as a memory during the farewell after the chat.

Md. Helal Uddin’s son of Burirpara village of Purba Bara Veola Union of Chakaria Upazila is with inspector Abdul Jabbar. Alauddin (40). He is the president of the Jubo League of that union. One case of murder, two attempts to murder, one case of attempted abduction by beating and one case under the Speedy Trial Act have been registered against him at Chakaria police station.

And after the picture of Abdul Jabbar, the inspector of Chakaria police station, was published, criticism is going on in all circles.

According to information, Alauddin is accused in five cases of Chakaria police station. Besides, there are written and verbal complaints against him in the police station. On December 30, 2005, the first case under the Attempt to Murder Act was registered against Alauddin at Chakaria police station. Then on December 3, 2011, a case was filed under the Speedy Trial Act for the crime of disturbing law and order on April 9, 2013. After Alauddin went abroad, the police did not receive any complaint against him for a long time.

However, on August 19, 2021, a case was filed against him again in Chakaria Police Station on the charge of killing Nobel, the former leader of Chittagong MES College Chhatra League, after returning from abroad. A few months later, on March 3, 2022, a case was registered against him as the main accused in an attempt to murder case.

On the other hand, according to police sources, Abdul Jabbar was working as IC of Matamuhuri Police Investigation Center before joining Chakaria Police Station as Inspector. Purba Bara Veola Union was under that investigation center. Abdul Jabbar and Alauddin developed a close relationship while serving here.

On the condition of anonymity, a UP member of Purba Bara Veola said, Abdul Jabbar held the duty of Matamuhuri Investigation Center for six months. At that time, Alauddin used to stay at the investigation center. The two of them had a great understanding. Using this opportunity Alauddin harassed the people in various ways by defaming the name of the police. Alauddin used to extort money from people by promising to get benefits in the arbitration meeting.

When asked, Alauddin said over the phone that the 2005 case was a family dispute. It has been resolved. The speedy trial case was given by my political opponents. That too has been settled. I am not aware of the attempted kidnapping case. I am out on bail in two other cases.

Regarding pictures and selfies with Abdul Jabbar, he said that the relationship started when Abdul Jabbar was at the Matamuhuri Investigation Center. But we haven’t seen each other since he came to Chakaria police station. Suddenly on that day I and Purba Bara Veola Union Awami League President Shamim Chakria came to work at Chiringa Bazar City Center. As it is prayer time, I pray in the mosque. I see Abdul Jabbar there. Later I took a much requested selfie and stayed there for a while.

He also said, why do I always go to the investigation center, but I go when there are various arbitration meetings. I have a position in the area as Jubo League president. Besides, last time I was supposed to vote in UP. That is why different people come to me with different problems. They need the cooperation of the police to get justice.

When asked about this, Inspector (Investigation) of Chakaria police station Abdul Jabbar said that he met Awami League president Shamim of East Bara Veola while going out after Maghrib prayers at the city center. He was discussing a matter with me. At that time Alauddin comes there and wants to take a selfie. I couldn’t say no to him on the face.

He also said that Alauddin is on permanent bail in Nobel murder case. PBI is investigating the case. I don’t know about the rest of the cases.

Regarding harassing the people by breaking the name of the police, he said, no one has ever complained to me.

Police Superintendent of Cox’s Bazar. Mahafuzul Islam said, I saw the picture of inspector Jabbar with Alauddin. It has been ordered to investigate and take action.

The SP also said that all the district police have been made aware of the use of social media. A policeman will know all sorts of people, good and bad, because of his work. But the police will accept the good. Avoiding controversial accusations is a matter of commonsense.

Syed Alamgir/MRR/ASM

The article is in Bengali

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