The government is killing opponents with police force

The government is killing opponents with police force
The government is killing opponents with police force

BNP leaders have warned that revenge will be taken for the killing of activists, saying that the government is using the police force to suppress the movement of the opposition. They are constantly shooting and killing citizens. But the fall cannot be prevented even by shooting.
The leaders said these things in a protest rally in front of the party’s central office in Nayapaltan on Saturday afternoon.
BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “From today’s meeting, we are demanding that a picture showing a Chinese rifle has appeared in the newspaper, that this picture should be investigated.” The person who fired at the point line with this rifle in Narayanganj should be investigated and brought under the law and punished. If you do not give, we will not sit, not sitting. I have filed a case in Bhola, I will file a case of murder in Narayanganj. Every time you violate the law and torture my brothers illegally, there will be a case.
Questioning whether the police have the authority to fire Chinese rifles, he said, “We want to make it very clear why the government’s greedy forces fired at a completely peaceful program organized on the occasion of the founding anniversary of BNP in Narayanganj and what we have seen in the newspapers, the journalist brothers said that DB SI fired with Chinese rifles.” Konak.
It is said that this SI Konak had no jurisdiction to possess Chinese rifles. So where did this Chinese rifle come from? He shot my brother on any order. Is the police given the authority to shoot a man for no reason? The government must answer who is responsible for this murder?.
Mirza Fakhrul said, the government can say what will happen in the case? It happens in the case, it happens very much in the case. See today the IG of Police went to America and went conditionally, conditions had to be complied with. He (IG Benazir Ahmed) was told there that you cannot go outside the UN campus in a specific area. It is a shame for us, an independent sovereign country. In today’s world, none of those who have tortured, tortured, violated human rights have been spared. But they have nothing to be ashamed of. This protest rally was held by the joint initiative of North-South of Dhaka Metropolitan to protest the killing of Juba Dal activist Shaon Pradhan in Narayanganj on September 1. Leaders and activists from different wards took part in the rally. The leaders made a makeshift stage on top of the truck and gave speeches.
‘They are taking steps to hold elections alone’: BNP Secretary General said that every rally and program of ours was going on peacefully since last 10/12 days. We were protesting against the increase in the price of fuel oil, against the increase in the price of rice-dal-oil. They killed two people in Bhola there. They have killed three people and the number of accused in the case has exceeded 20,000 since its inception. In that previous mode, in the mode of absentee cases and by attacking, injuring and paralyzing with this case, they want to remove the opposition party from the field and from the field they want to elect themselves alone.
He said to the leaders and activists, will we not avenge the murder of this brother (Shaun Pradhan)? Are we giving false cases against our brothers, not to take revenge? Of course we will not allow a fascist authoritarian government to unilaterally hold elections to protect our rights, to avenge my brother’s murder. He said, there is still time, apologize to the people and resign and give power to an impartial caretaker government.
Mirza Abbas, a member of the standing committee, said that the government knows that under any circumstances, this government will not be able to stay in power. I want to make it clear that even today there was a procession at Pakundia police station in Kishoreganj where there was firing, hundreds were injured. All over Bangladesh, our leaders have learned to shoot, to beat, to give blood. Insha Allah, Sheikh Hasina does not have the ability to survive, she will not be able to survive. We will do whatever it takes to remove this government.
Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, a member of the Standing Committee, said that Bangladeshi citizens are being fired on using the state police force. The constitutional responsibility of the police force is to protect the people of the country, to protect their democratic and political rights.
Metropolitan BNP South convener Abdus Salam presided over the protest rally and member secretaries Aminul Haque and Rafiqul Alam Majnoor conducted the protest rally. Abdus Salam Azad, Shama Obaid, Kamaruzzaman Ratan, Mir Sarafat Ali Sapu, Anisur Rahman Talukder Khokon, Ishraq Hossain of Mahanagar Dakshin, Afroza Abbas of Mahila Dal, Sultan Salahuddin Tuku of Juba Dal, Mostafizur Rahman of Volunteers Dal, Hasan Zafir Tuhin of Krishak Dal, Sadek Ahmed of Freedom Fighters Dal Khan, Tanti Dal’s Abul Kalam Azad, Chhatra Dal’s Kazi Rawanakul Islam Shravan, Narayanganj District Acting Convener Monirul Islam Ravi spoke.

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