519 people died in road accidents in August

519 people died in road accidents in August
519 people died in road accidents in August

Last August, 519 people died in 458 road accidents across the country. Out of which 172 people were killed in 183 motorcycle accidents. Compared to total accidents, motorcycle accident rate is 39.95 percent, fatality rate is 33.14 percent. An average of 17 people were killed every day in August. This information was highlighted in a report of the Road Safety Foundation published yesterday.
According to the report, 519 people were killed in 458 road accidents in August. 961 people were injured in these accidents. Among the dead are 64 women, 69 children. Among those killed were 109 pedestrians, 21 percent of the total. 94 people were killed, the driver and assistant of the vehicle.
The report also said that the highest number of accidents and fatalities occurred in Dhaka Division in August. 142 people were killed in 127 accidents. Sylhet division has the least 21 people in 19 accidents. 739 people were killed in road accidents last July. According to this, the death in August decreased by 29.76 percent. However, this level of reduction in casualties does not indicate any sustainable improvement.
The reason for the accident is said to be increasing number of accidents on unprotected railway crossings and railway tracks in the country. Speeding goods vehicles and motorcycle accidents are also on the rise. Accidents are increasing due to reckless speeding of goods vehicles by mentally and physically ill drivers and reckless driving of motorcycles by minors and youth. In this situation, the organization considers it necessary to make public transport easy, affordable and improve, reduce traffic congestion and discourage motorcycles.

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