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New Poll Shows Abortion Top Issue Motivating Voters – Amrita Bazar

New Poll Shows Abortion Top Issue Motivating Voters – Amrita Bazar
New Poll Shows Abortion Top Issue Motivating Voters – Amrita Bazar

A new Wall Street Journal poll found that 89% of Americans want to legalize abortion in some form, and abortion is one of the issues that motivates people to vote.

Via: The Wall Street Journal:

According to the poll, 60% of voters said abortion should be legal in all or most cases, up from 55% in March. Another 29% said it should be illegal, up from 30% in March, except in cases of rape, intercourse or endangering the woman’s life. And 6% said it should be illegal in all cases, down from 11% in March.


More than half of voters said the decision motivated them to vote in the midterm elections.

When asked broadly about their top issues for the midterm elections, voters cited the economy and inflation first, followed by abortion. But when offered a choice of five issues and asked which one they would vote for the most, they said the Supreme Court’s Roe v. They preferred the Wade v. decision to inflation.

Questions driving the midterm elections go to Republicans

The Wall Street Journal poll did the best job yet of showing change in the midterm elections. Voters still care about inflation, but they care about the loss of individual rights and the potential killing of women.

The problem with Republicans when it comes to choice is that they cannot claim to be the party of small government and individual liberties, while at the same time being the party of big government that takes away basic liberties from the majority of the population.

Banning abortion means the government has to make decisions about access to health care. This idea flies in the face of everything the Republican Party claims to stand for and voters are aware of.

The midterms have shifted away from Republicans because Spann’s central question has changed.

Republicans have millions of dollars in ads about Biden and inflation, but most voters are motivated by abortion.

The GOP is out of a wave of voters, and the result could be that instead of a red wave, Republicans will face a mixed bag or defeat on Election Day.

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