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22 deaths in eight months, 11 thousand 658 people identified

Dengue infection rate is increasing in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Meanwhile, dengue outbreaks in Rohingya camps have taken a dire shape. From the beginning of the year till August, 12 thousand 246 dengue patients have been detected in the district. Among them 11 thousand 658 Rohingya people and 588 local people.

So far 23 people have died of dengue. Among them 22 Rohingya and one local. Out of the 23 dead, 11 including one local died in the District Headquarters Hospital; And 12 people died in Rohingya camp hospitals.

According to Cox’s Bazar Civil Surgeon’s Office sources, among the dengue patients in the district, the number of patients receiving treatment in Rohingya camp hospitals is 11 thousand 534. And the number of patients admitted to District Headquarters Hospital is 712.

Supervisor of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital Dr. Md. Mominur Rahman said, “At present, 52 dengue patients are under treatment in Sadar Hospital. The number of patients admitted so far is 712. Among them 526 locals and 186 Rohingyas. 11 of the admitted patients died. 10 of them are Rohingya.”

He said that last month, five people died of dengue, including a class VII student named Tanveer Ahmad (14).

Dr. Md. Mominur Rahman said, “During the monsoon, rainwater accumulates in various places. At the same time, along with road renovation work, water accumulates in drains and Aedes mosquitoes carrying dengue are born.”

He also said, “Cox’s Bazar being a tourist area, the risk is increasing as many tourists who come on tour do not use mosquito nets in residential hotels. If a person carrying dengue comes to Cox’s Bazar and spends the night, he is bitten by a mosquito and spreads the infection to another person.”

Dr. Civil Surgeon. Mahbubur Rahman said, “Incidence of dengue disease in Cox’s Bazar is increasing day by day. Among them, the horror of dengue has appeared in Rohingya camps. Among dengue patients, the number of patients admitted to district headquarter hospital is 712 and the number of patients admitted to Rohingya camp hospitals is 11 thousand 534. Among them, 23 people died while undergoing treatment. Among them one local and 22 Rohingyas.”

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