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Necessary drug prices have increased by a hundred percent!

Necessary drug prices have increased by a hundred percent!
Necessary drug prices have increased by a hundred percent!

In the country, the prices of essential medicines have increased by almost 100 percent in the last one and a half months.

In Bangladesh, a large part of the total cost of human treatment is still spent on medicines, where the prices of medicines are increasing by a large margin, and the common people are in trouble.

The drug administration claims that due to the increase in the price of fuel oil and the dollar, it has affected the drug market.

However, experts claim that if the price of medicine increases in this way, the treatment will be in a big crisis.

Ivana Gazi, a resident of Dhaka, has to keep 4 to 5 thousand rupees every month for buying medicine for children and elderly people.

Her child often gets colds and fevers. On the other hand, her father has been suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney complications for several years. For this, you have to buy medicines regularly.

Where the prices of almost all the daily essential products are increasing, the condition of the common man is getting worse, in the last month of July, the price increase of 53 widely used medicines was announced.

Ivana Gazi’s family has to buy such essential medicines regularly. Due to which the family has to suffer.

He was saying, “If my child’s medicine becomes two thousand to four thousand rupees, if the price of my father’s medicine is three to six thousand rupees, then how will I go about my month?” How much is our income? If you leave the medicine, you have to run to the hospital. That is not the case. It is not possible to exclude medicine. “

A search of drugstores revealed that prices of paracetamol, as well as regular medicines for blood pressure, heart disease, painkillers and stomach gas problems, have gone up by 50% to 134%. In other words, the price of some medicines has doubled.

Abdul Muktadir, Senior Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association blames the increase in the price of the dollar and the increase in the price of raw materials in the international market as the reason for the increase in the price of medicines.

He says, last month, LC was opened for import of raw materials of medicines at 80 rupees per dollar. After the arrival of the shipment, the price of the dollar rose to 110 rupees. 30 rupees more per dollar had to be paid.

Besides, the effect of increase in packaging, transportation, marketing costs is also seen in the medicine market.

Pharmaceutical companies have also submitted proposals to increase the prices of several drugs to the Department of Drug Administration.

Director of the department Ayub Hossain said that after checking them, a decision will be taken to increase the price only if it seems reasonable.

According to the Health Economics Unit of the Ministry of Health, medicines account for 64% of a person’s total medical expenses in Bangladesh. And to pay these expenses from the patient’s pocket.

In other words, people are spending the most on medicine while getting treatment in the country’s hospitals.

Nahid Akhter Jahan, professor of health economics department of Dhaka University, fears that the increased cost of medicines will increase the pressure on patients in Bangladesh, where health insurance is very limited.

The prices of the drugs that are out there are determined by the drug companies.

He thinks that it is necessary to increase the government’s surveillance in this regard. Otherwise, the medical sector of the country will go beyond the reach of the poor people and the overall impact will be on public health, he said.

He mentioned two ways, the government can fix the prices of essential medicines, so that no one can sell them at higher prices.

Or the government can produce it itself and supply it to consumers at low cost.

“The cost of life-saving drugs cannot be left to the private market. The government should have control over these prices, he said, “People in Bangladesh have to spend more out of pocket to get treatment, there is no health insurance, so there is a need for government supervision over these prices.”

Bangladesh has more than 1500 types of more than 35000 brands of drugs out of which only 117 drugs can be controlled by the government.

SH-01/03/22 (Online Desk. Source : BBC)

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