Dilip Ghosh: ‘Several leaders will be in jail during Puja!’ Dileep’s prediction about Trinamool leaders again

Kolkata : Dilip Ghosh, who came to Ecopark for breakfast this morning, demanded that the central agencies complete the investigation as soon as possible. The people of Bengal are looking at the investigation agencies of the central government.

Yesterday Abhishek Banerjee addressed Amit Shah as Pappu. Shuvendu also spoke about Adhikari’s audio tape. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said briefly, “Don’t submit the audio clip in the court. Then the real truth will come out.”

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No matter how confident Abhishek is, Dileep once again predicted the Trinamool leaders today. He said, ‘Like Anubrata is sleeping on the ground, they should also sleep on the ground. If you commit a crime, no one will be spared.’

Dilip Babu also said, “Several leaders will be in jail during the puja. Again, several leaders will run away without seeing the puja.”

Dilip was seen batting and bowling in addition to the morning walk this morning He also hit a six with the bat As he was in the mood with the bat, he gave a heated speech in front of the media in a natural manner. When Dilip Ghosh enters the field, it becomes enjoyable for everyone

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First published: September 03, 2022, 20:04 IST

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