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An average of 17 road deaths per day in August

An average of 17 road deaths per day in August
An average of 17 road deaths per day in August

519 people died in 458 road accidents in the month of August across the country. In other words, an average of 17 people died every day.

The Road Safety Foundation reported this information on Saturday. They reported that 739 people were killed in road accidents last July.

Two-wheelers and motorcycles accounted for the highest number of accidents at 183 in August, in which 172 people were killed. This rate of accidents is about 40 percent, the number of deaths in accidents is more than 33 percent of the deaths in the entire month.

Out of the number of people who died in accidents in a month, 109 were pedestrians, which is 21 percent of the total number of fatalities. 94 people, i.e. 18.11 percent, were killed by vehicle drivers and assistants.

Out of 458 accidents, 187 occurred on national highways, which is 40.82 percent. 152 accidents occurred on regional roads, 79 on rural roads, 31 on city roads and 9 in other places.

Among these accidents, the most 211 were due to driver loss of control, which is 46.06 percent. 113 incidents involved pedestrians, 72 were head-on collisions with vehicles, 46 were rear-end collisions and 16 were due to other causes.

In the last one month, 142 people were killed in the most 127 accidents in Dhaka division. 21 people were killed in 19 accidents in Sylhet division which was the least. And as a single district, Dhaka district has the highest number of 37 people killed in 32 accidents.

The Road Safety Foundation has prepared the report based on information published in 9 national dailies, 7 online news portals and electronic media in the last one month.

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