The United States behind Russia-China! – Ctg Tribune

The United States behind Russia-China! – Ctg Tribune
The United States behind Russia-China! – Ctg Tribune

The United States behind Russia-China!

City Tribune: US lags behind Russia and China in arms sales Russian media RT reported this information in a report on Saturday.

According to the report, high prices and complications related to arms sales are a cause of concern for Washington. Because arms sales to a country are executed through the Pentagon, overseen by the US State Department, and require congressional approval. This is why the US is at a disadvantage in the arms sales competition with China and Russia.

Besides, these US-made weapons are expensive, an official said.

Meanwhile, rising tensions with China and the conflict in Ukraine have prompted the Pentagon to create a special task force to facilitate arms sales to Washington’s allies, a senior US defense official told the Wall Street Journal.

The so-called ‘Tiger team’ was formed in August to find ways to speed up the delivery of US-made weapons to foreign buyers, the report said. Two Under Secretaries of Defense are serving as Vice Presidents in the new organization. In addition, there are representatives of various Pentagon services in this team.

According to the sources, US arms sales have decreased due to the supply of arms to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia. However, the US is looking at this direction due to the growing tension with China over Taiwan and the need to replenish the arsenal of US allies in Europe.

The news came as the United States announced a $110 billion arms sale to Taiwan, including 160 missiles.

The US Department of State has approved the sale of arms to the country. A spokesman for the ministry said that these weapons are very important for Taiwan’s security.

The announcement came from Washington on Friday in order to strengthen Taiwan’s defense system. The United States made this announcement amid tensions with China over Taiwan.

US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Taiwan. The tension between China and the United States started with his visit.

Beijing conducts large-scale military exercises around Taiwan. In such a situation, the United States announced the sale of arms to Taiwan.

New arms sales announced by the US to Taiwan include a $66.5 million radar warning system to detect incoming missiles. Report: KUK.

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