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Convening Committee of Bagmara Press Club

Bagmara representative:

The convening committee of Bagmara Press Club has been formed. The tenure of the current committee of Bagmara Press Club will expire on September 10. For this reason, a general meeting was held at the press club on Saturday (September 3) to form a new committee.

A three-member convening committee has been formed to conduct the election under the chairmanship of Press Club president Altaf Hossain Mandal and general secretary Helal Uddin. Journalist Akbar Ali was appointed convener, Zillur Rahman as member secretary and Noor Qatubul Alam as members.

The activities of the committee will start from September 11. In the meeting, it was decided that the convening committee will complete a fair election with the announcement of the schedule within the next 30 days. Among others present in the meeting were press club advisory council member Badrul Hasan Liton, Head of Department of Ekushe Television, Prothom Alo Bagmara representative Mamunur Rashid Mamun, former president Afazzal Hossain, Yusuf Ali Sarkar, former general secretary Mahfuzur Rahman Prince, Rashedul Haque Feroz, journalist Abu Bakkar Sujan, Nazim Hasan, Akbar Ali, Noor Qatubul Alam, SM Samsujjoha Mamun, Zillur Rahman Dukhu, Abdul Mateen, Ratan Kumar, Farooq Ahmed, Anwar Hossain etc.

It should be noted that in the last meeting, journalist Mahfuzur Rahman Prince was suspended as a member of the press club in an emergency meeting. In Saturday’s general meeting, it was unanimously decided to revoke it and reinstate him as a member.


The article is in Bengali

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