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Squirrel: ‘showing teeth’ ran! India origin squirrel travel travel to Scotland in a three week ocean trip to find a forever home

magical eyes Black stripe on the back. And guava fans. This is the foreign journey of an authentic Indian on four legs. He is going to get the title of expatriate forever. For this he did not have to push less. Had to endure the hardships of a 3-week long sea journey! However, no permanent address has been found abroad. However, the people there have started looking for a ‘seasoned house’ for him. Thousands of ‘foreign guests’ talk! However, this Indian origin is not facing much problem in adapting abroad. He is still in custody.

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Who is this quadruped? His name is Zippy. A small Indian squirrel. He was recently rescued from a boat. He reached Scotland by sea for 3 weeks. According to the North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Center there, 2 students of the university found the squirrel in a boat. The company also claimed that Zippy was in a large cage during the voyage. At first he was a little slack from the strain of the long sea voyage. He was not eating properly. Later, however, his behavior changed. Now Zippy is eating normally again. Now the North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Center is looking for a bigger cage for the squirrel. The authorities have also started thinking about where to keep him permanently.

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The picture of the Indian Squirrel was posted on social media by the organization in Scotland and soon it went viral. Indian squirrels of this species are very easy pets. Many times they can be seen eating right out of hand. So when Zippy’s photo came out, many netizens praised the chipmunk rescuers Clara and Natasha. However, it is not yet known whether these two will be seen in Zippy’s service. On the other hand, the local administration is also investigating who left the squirrel in the boat.

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Kathberali has been immortalized in the writings of ‘rebel poet’ Kazi Nazrul Islam in Bengali literature. He highlighted the vitality of this quadrupedal animal in the words of a little girl. Nazrul’s woodchuck also escaped by ‘showing its teeth’. Just like Zippy did from being an expatriate.

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