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Complaint of getting a job with seven and a half lakh rupees from her husband! Now Papia opened his mouth

Banglahunt Desk: He got the job following the rules of the commission (TET Scam). Husband is telling all these lies to take revenge. Papiya Mukhopadhyay, who is accused of getting a job initially by giving money to Bagdar ‘Sat Ranjan’, made such a claim. He claims he is innocent. He got the job after following the entire process.

Papiyadevi said to the media’s question, ‘I did not sit the 2012 exam. My son was very young in 2012. It was difficult to go to the exam. I took the exam in 2014 with my son. Disturbance with husband for many days due to various reasons. Many cases are going on. I don’t really know anything about what every channel is showing today. I don’t know who he gave the money to. I gave the exam, counselling, interview, after that I got the job. I don’t know why these things are being said after so long. Say my mess with him? I have 7-8 cases going on with Jayant Biswas. I have all the documents. I will submit if CBI wants.

Presently, Papiyadevi is a teacher at Raghabpur Lower Primary School in Nadia. Siddhartha Shankar Bhattacharya, the head teacher of the school, said, “I cannot say who got the job and how.” He comes to school for 4-5 hours. Leave when the class is over. Not so much. I don’t know about his personal.

Papia’s husband Jayantbabu told investigators that Papia failed to pass the TET in 2012. Did not sit in Tate in 2014. In August 2015, seven and a half lakh rupees was withdrawn from the pension account of Jayantar Baba, a retired government employee Dinath Biswas and given to Chandan Mandal. In return, Papia got a job at Panpara Junior Primary School in Habibpur, Nadia in 2017. The entire state is now in a frenzy over this.

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