A lizard can tell your future through its posture, find out how

A lizard can tell your future through its posture, find out how
A lizard can tell your future through its posture, find out how

The result of human’s work today is in the stomach in the future. But knowing the future is a difficult thing. Yet everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future. According to Vastu Shastra, animals can already sense what is likely to happen in the near future and communicate this to others through various signs. One of those animals is a lizard, which gives us advance warning about the near future through its various postures. Today we will tell you what it indicates if you see a lizard in different poses indoors or outdoors.

1) It is auspicious to see a lizard in the house temple.

According to the scriptures, the lizard is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. He likes cleanliness and cleans the house by eating insects that hide here and there. If you see a lizard in the house temple in such a situation, then understand that something good is going to happen to you. The appearance of lizards in the puja room indicates that Maa Lakshmi is about to come to your house and your house is about to be filled with happiness.

2) Beware of dead lizards in new homes:-

Be wary of dead lizards when entering a new home or store. It means that the head of the family is going to be sick in the near future, which will affect all the family members. Similarly, seeing lizards on the ground is not considered good. If you see such a scene, before entering a new house or shop, make sure to perform pooja there according to the rules, so that the effect of negative energy is removed.

3) Seeing a fighting lizard is a sign of danger:-

If you see lizards fighting each other at home or office, it is considered a bad omen. It means that soon you are going to quarrel with a partner. Lizards fighting among themselves also indicate domestic troubles. If you see such a scene, be patient and try to pass the time peacefully.

4) Falling on the feet of a lizard means:-

Lizards move more on the walls of the house at night. His grip on the wall is strong but he also falls down many times. According to Vastu Shastra, if the lizard falls on your right ankle or right foot, it means that you are going to travel soon and you will benefit from it. On the other hand, a lizard falling on the left ankle or left foot means trouble or disease in the home.

5) It is not considered good to see a lizard like this:-

If you see a lizard scared, kicking or crawling in your dream, it is considered a bad omen. This means that you may face illness or financial problems in the near future. A dream of a lizard attacking you or eating insects is also not considered good. This is a sign that you will face some problems in the future.

The information provided here is based on assumptions and facts only. It is important to mention here that Bharat Message does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Consult a relevant expert before applying any information or assumptions.

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