China-United States fight? Again, Biden’s eyes are in the eyes of Xi Jinping… US Congress approves 110 crore arms package for Taiwan

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Is a new Sino-US battleground brewing? Again, Joe Biden’s eyes are in Xi Jinping’s eyes. Why? According to the Pentagon, the United States is providing military assistance to the Pacific island nation of Taiwan. Their military support includes a “Radar Warning System” worth 66.5 million dollars (about 5,300 crore rupees). Through this, missiles fired by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army can be identified in advance. As a result, the Taiwanese army can destroy it with the help of anti-missile systems. Apart from this, there are 60 anti-ship Harpoon missiles worth 35 million 50 million dollars (about 2,830 crore rupees). It will be possible to use the US fighter jet F-16 given to Taiwan. Already, the Russia-Ukraine war has raised tensions between Russia and the United States. Joe Biden’s country has become an eyesore for Russia and pro-Russian nations by arming Ukraine. Among them, concerned circles think that China-America tension is starting again over Taiwan.

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America sent military aid to Taiwan to prevent Chinese attack. On Friday, the US Congress approved a proposal to give arms and military equipment worth $110 million (about Rs. 8,770 crore) to Taiwan. US President Joe Biden appealed to the US Congress for military aid to Taiwan. In response to his request, the US legislature gave permission to offer military assistance to Taiwan.

The United States has started joint war exercises with Japan in the Pacific region west of the coast of Taiwan. Along with the US Seventh Fleet, the Special Airborne Division and Artillery Brigade of the Ground Forces also participated in the exercise called Operation Orient Shield, which started off the coast of China. Many military observers believe that this preparation of the Pentagon is to prevent China’s possible attack on the Taiwan Strait.

But no matter what the US Congress says, no matter what the US government says, this cold war between China and Russia on the one hand and the other hand on the US has created a different kind of tension in the international arena. In today’s world, there may be no need for quick wars. Especially in the atmosphere of Russia-Ukraine war, countries will think at least ten times to go to war again. But the secret tug-of-war continues.

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