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The body of the customs intelligence officer who went missing in the river was recovered

Pirojpur, September 03 – The body of missing customs official Abdullah Bin Kafi who fell from the pontoon at Kumirmara end of Bekutia Ferry Ghat in Pirojpur has been recovered. The dead body was found floating in the raw river from Gazipur area of ​​Sadar Upazila around 1 pm on Saturday.

Local people saw a body floating in the river at noon and informed the police. Later, the police and fire service personnel went and recovered the floating body from the river. Abdullah bin Kafi’s relatives identified him after the body was recovered.

Abdullah Bin Kafi was working as an Assistant Revenue Officer in the Customs Intelligence Department of Bhomara land port in Kaliganj range of Satkhira. His village home is in Deola village of Borhanuddin upazila of Bhola.

Member of Sadar Upazila Sharkitla-Dumuritla Union. Omar Hossain said that around noon on Saturday, the residents of Gazipur area reported seeing a dead body in the river. Later, with the help of police and fire service members, the body was recovered and taken to Pirojpur police station.

Pirojpur Sadar Police Station OC A. h. Md. Masuduzzaman said that after the body was recovered, the deceased’s relatives identified him. After the legal process, the body will be handed over to the relatives.
Earlier last Thursday at around 9 pm, customs official Kafi fell into the raw river from Paltun in Pirojpur’s Kumirmara area of ​​Bekutia Ferry Ghat in Pirojpur. He was going to Barisal in his private car from Satkhira to celebrate his birthday with his wife, children and relatives.

It is known that the driver left the car and went to the toilet after getting on the ferry at around 9 pm. Kafio got down from the car and stood on the pontoon talking on the mobile phone. At that time, he fell into the river and disappeared.

Source: Samakal
MU/03 September 2022

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