Saugata Roy | TMC MP Saugata Roy used offensive language again, but this time WB Minister Firhad Hakim slams him dgtl

Even a few months ago, he was known as the ‘Voice of Gentlemen’ within Trinamool. But now Trinamool MP Sougat Roy’s mouth is now hearing ‘bad news’ almost every day! Sometimes he threatens to beat opponents’ shoes, sometimes to make shoes out of skin, sometimes to leave the area. He has not been publicly condemned by the party for so long. But on Saturday, the party’s Daput Minister Firhad Hakim made an exception to that ‘rule’.

“Say no objection against Partha (Chattapadhyay),” former professor Sougat said targeting the opposition at a program in the South Dumdum Municipality on Friday. But don’t make the mistake of saying that all Trinamool are thieves. In that case, don’t be sorry if you get slapped on the back.” Because, in that programme, he warned the BJP-CPM-Congress not to carry out ‘slander’ and said, “Our boys get angry when we say all this. When angry, people’s heads are not right! I can’t say what to do.”

After that on Saturday Firhad directly gave a message to move away from the ‘line’ of Sougat. Distancing himself from Sougat’s comments, he said that Trinamool is a ‘Gandhivist’ party. They do not believe in the politics of attacking the opposition. Incidentally, State Minister and Mayor of Kolkata Firhad is also one of the members of Trinamool Disciplinary Committee. As a result, a section of the Trinamool considers his comments to be ‘significant’ in this regard. In this situation, it is to be seen whether the team ‘puts on the reins’ in the face of Saugata. Although everyone in the Trinamool camp knows that Firhad’s relationship with Sougat is not so ‘smooth’ within the party. As a result, a section of the Trimool claimed that Firhad’s comments could not follow the ‘position’ of the party’s top leadership. Incidentally, the ‘Gandhivist’ Firhad said before expressing his opinion that he did not know what exactly Sougat had said.

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Saugata, however, has already ‘explained’ the Kukatha-kanda as he did. He told Anandabazar Online, “I think BJP needs to keep a little cool. They say too much. So such a language.” But like him former professor and senior MP Sougat is not often seen using such language! Sougat’s counter question, “Is there any word that all languages ​​will be as eloquent as Anandabazar Online?”

In fact, Saugata did not want to confine himself to the identity of ‘former professor’ in the context of this controversy. He said, “When I think it is necessary, I say it. The language changes according to the political situation. In response, Sougat said, “Dilip Ghosh does not know any other language. He did not study. I can also speak good language. I can also speak offensive language.”

But Saugata also admits that he is a bit shy about the allegations of corruption against Trinamool leaders lately. However, he is unwilling to accept that such language is used for him. In his words, “I feel a little ashamed. But this language is not coming out of that shame. BJP’s slogan ‘Chor Haro, Jail Bharo’ is on me.” Sougat says, “It feels bad. Whether it is for him or not, he cannot explain. But I have control over the language. I will speak in such language as and when required.”

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The language of discourtesy on the face of politeness was heard for the first time in recent times on August 14. At a party program in Kamarhati, he said, “Shoes will be made from the skin of Trinamool critics. If the Trinamool marches as thieves, they should enter the party office.” On August 22, the senior MP said, “Those who have committed a crime will be punished.” But if everyone is called ‘thief’, we will also stand up. I will give appropriate education. I can’t listen to bad names without being a thief.” Sugata said in Kamarhati on August 27, maintaining the trend of gossip, “If the CPM, BJP harass us as ‘thieves’, then the Trinamool workers will not remain silent. If we stand up once, they will have to leave the area.” But a few days before saying all these things, when some leaders of Birbhum said ‘bad words’ about the arrest of Anubrata Mandal, this Sougat said, “The party does not support all this.”

Some of the old leaders and workers of Trinamool, however, say that Saugata has gradually acquired ‘aggressive’ language since about a decade ago. In a meeting in 2013, he said, “The CPM has lost its mother.” There is no chance of quick survival. Don’t hold meetings with hero goods.” His comment also sparked controversy. He was also heard calling some BJP leaders in the state as ‘monkeys’. He has been accused of using ‘unparliamentary’ words and language in Lok Sabha sessions several times during the Narendra Modi government. It also had to be removed from the minutes of the meeting. But since last month, the use of foul language in his speeches has taken a new dimension. Allegations of inciting unrest have also been raised.

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While not using direct slurs, Saugata’s multiple comments over the past few months have put the team on edge. “I don’t know what the agreement was with AIPAC,” he said earlier this year amid speculation about the Trinamool’s ‘complication’ with AIPAC, the organization of pollster Prashant Kishor. That contract is broken. Even if there is no harm, there will be difficulties. IPAC has made a significant contribution to Trinamool’s victory in West Bengal this time.”

After this, Nazrul came on stage and questioned the ‘source of money’ of the student council run by former professor Sougat Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) after the death of Bollywood singer Kek. In a program of the TMCP in Barahnagar, he said, “This is the KK who came to sing and died! I just think that, where did so much money come from! 30 million or 50 million I heard how much! Money doesn’t come out of thin air.”

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A section of the Trinamool leadership feels that a senior leader like Saugata should have understood the tension that has started in the state politics due to the events that started from the arrest of Perth on July 22. Perhaps he became overly aggressive without realizing the seriousness of the situation. But according to another section of the party, Saugata, who held the Union ministry in the tumultuous seventies, is not so naive. He has been making such comments consistently, not in an immediate response, but thoughtfully or planned. And it has the approval of a part of the top leadership.

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