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Shocking! 39-year-old Dalit political activist beaten to death by in-laws

Almora : Tragic incident in Almora district of Uttarakhand! A Dalit youth is the victim of the ‘crime’ of marrying for love. His in-laws beat him to death. A police official said on Friday that the young man of Almora district was killed by the people of the girl’s house because he had married a high-caste girl.

The deceased’s name is Jagadishchandra. Age 39 years. He was a Dalit political activist from Panuadhokhan village. His body was found inside a car on Friday. Near Vikiasen village. A total of 25 injury marks were found in different parts of the body. He is believed to have been beaten to death with a stick-like weapon. Tahsildar Nisha Rani of Salat sub-division said this.

According to him, Jagdishchandra’s wife’s mother, stepfather, stepbrother were detained while they were taking the body by car. After that they were arrested.

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Jagdishchandra got married on 21st August. Rani said that Jagadishchandra was picked up from Shilapani Bridge on Thursday by the members of her daughter’s house.

In 2021, Chandra Salat contested the by-election for the Vidhan Sabha seat for the Mandarivan Party He also contested the assembly elections in February, but lost.

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PC Tiwari, leader of Uttarakhand’s Parwari Party, said that on August 27, the couple had written a letter to the administration seeking security citing threats to their lives. Tiari regrets that if the administration had taken action, Jagadish’s life might not have been lost. At the same time, he called the killing as a ‘shame of Uttarakhand’ and demanded a compensation of one crore rupees for the family of the deceased.

Published by:Teesta Barman

First published: September 03, 2022, 16:37 IST

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Tags: Shocking #39yearold Dalit political activist beaten death inlaws

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