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Daily Jubokantho – Politics has started again with dead bodies in the country: Hanif

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Awami League’s Joint General Secretary Mahbub Ul Alam Hanif MP said, “Politics has started again in the country with dead bodies”, “BNP leaders are saying that Jubo Dal workers were killed by police firing in Narayanganj. But the postmortem report showed that there were no bullet marks on his body. Rather, he has multiple scars on his body. This incident has created new doubts.’

He said these things in his speech as the chief guest at Pubali Bank Employees Union (CBA) bi-annual conference and general meeting at Pubali Bank Auditorium in the capital on Saturday at 10 am.

At this time, Hanif asked the administration to conduct a proper investigation into the killing of youth workers in Narayanganj whether it was a suicide act to destabilize the country or not.

Addressing the BNP, this senior leader of the Awami League said, ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is forbidding the peaceful political program. People are afraid that you (BNP) will do such things, riot with iron rods in the name of agitation, these will not be tolerated. Because, it is the government’s responsibility to provide safety of life and property.

Pointing out that ‘if you commit violence, you will have to suffer the punishment of sin’, he said, ‘Tareek Rahman is sitting in London and wants to destroy the political environment of the country. You can’t get through them. Tareq, a fugitive convicted of corruption, terrorism and murder, will not escape. He should be punished whenever he comes to the country.’

Hanif said, ‘Begum Khaleda Zia is being punished for her sins. Sin does not leave the father. Allah says, if you commit a sin, you will suffer punishment in this life and the hereafter. And Khaleda Zia is a big proof of that. He is a former prime minister, why should he stay in jail? He killed people indiscriminately to stay in power. Innocent, innocent people have been burnt to death on his orders. There is a lot of evidence in the Gatco-Nico case. I don’t know, where will he spend the rest of his life?’

This joint general secretary of Awami League said, ‘Bangladesh has gained new recognition in the world during the last 13 years of Awami League rule. Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has given a new identity to the country which was once characterized as a country of failed state, corruption, terrorism and militancy. This is possible because the visionary Sheikh Hasina is in power.’

“Sheikh Hasina is working to create employment for two thousand people in the country,” he said, pointing out that she is working on a plan to produce 30,000 megawatts of electricity before 2030. Providing 16.5 crore employment. By creating 100 economic zones, he is creating a revival in the industrial sector. An industrial park has been established in Mirsrai with 35 thousand acres of land. It will provide employment to one crore youth. These are being done with the target of 150 billion dollar export and employment of 2 crore people.

He said, ‘If Bangabandhu was alive today, Bangladesh could have been a country like Singapore and Malaysia. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, the power grabbers did not care about the fate of the people. They were concerned about their own luxury. Unfortunately, some people of our country have implemented the conspiracy of Pakistan by killing Bangabandhu. And Ziaur Rahman was behind it.’

“There is no history that BNP founder Ziaur Rahman fought”, Hanif said, “Zia held the ideology of Pakistan wholeheartedly. All his respect, pull and love was for Pakistan. His actions prove that he went to war as an agent of Pakistan.’

Mentioning that ‘BNP-Jamaat was created in the same place’, he said, ‘Pakistan’s Maulana Maududi created Jamaat. And BNP is created by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. These two parties do not want the development of the country. These two children of Pakistan do not want Bangladesh to be an independent, sovereign country. They are working with the ideology of Pakistan.

‘BNP wants the fall of the government for whose benefit?’ Hanif said to this question, “Make clear first who you will lead the government.”

Pubali Bank Employees Union (CBA) President Mohammad Chanaul Haque presided over the meeting and Awami League Labor and Manpower Secretary Habibur Rahman Siraj was present as a special guest.

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