‘You’ll be the best ever’, says Serena Williams as father bids farewell to tennis

First Published Sep 3, 2022, 1:04 PM IST

“Vinas will be world number one. But you will be the best ever.” Sister Venus was named after little Serena by her father, a black man who was once beaten by white men. Today is the retirement of the best Maharathi of all time. Not only the tennis world, but the entire world has ended the era of Serena. The girl who made her black father proud held her country’s flag high in front of the whole world for ages. The champion who came into the world to play tennis said goodbye to his racket. In 1999, Serena Williams’ Grand Slam winning journey started by winning the US Open, she played her last match in that Grand Slam.

Has captured 23 Grand Slams (in singles) throughout his career. He won gold in the Olympics. Serena said goodbye to tennis today. He said before the start of the US Open, this is the end. Having won the US Open in 1999, many thought that he might retire in the first match. Farewell bells were ringing, the stage was set for tears. But, Serena does not know how to give up. His insistence spoils the farewell arrangement. He won the first round of the US Open.

Former world number one Billie Jean King said, “Serena will leave as the best player in the world. His career has inspired many young players. And champion. Has taken the world game to another height.” John McEnroe had a positive outlook on Serena’s retirement, saying, “Serena should do whatever she wants. He is an idol. I think he doesn’t need to play anymore. Now Serena has reached the place of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tom Brady. Regardless of boys or girls, he has reached the best place in the history of the game. Serena is in the best place of her life. If anyone has seen the movie ‘King Richard’ then it will be understood from where he came from. Serena can spend the rest of her life comfortably where she is now. Not bad, what do you say?”

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Former British number one star Greg Rusedski said, “And the box office. Serena has led women’s tennis for the past two decades. His sister Vinas was with him. There are definitely better players. But Serena became the attraction of non-tennis lovers. No one who knows anything about tennis knows the name of Serena Williams. Serena’s absence is understandable.”

Emma Radukanu won the US Open in 2021. “Serena has changed the game,” he said. No one has impacted women’s tennis like her.” French Open finalist Coco Gough said, “I don’t think anyone will ever be able to match what Serena left behind. His feat will inspire many.”

‘King Richard’ is a film about Serena and Venus’ father. At the end of that film, Serena’s father, Richard, tells the younger Serena, “Venus will be number one in the world. But you will be the best ever. I have everything planned.” It can be said that Richard’s words have come true.

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