519 killed in 458 road accidents in August

519 killed in 458 road accidents in August
519 killed in 458 road accidents in August

According to the Road Safety Foundation, 519 people were killed and 961 injured in 458 road accidents in the country last August.

The Road Safety Foundation informed this information in a press release on Saturday.

The report was prepared by Road Safety Foundation based on information from national dailies, online news portals and electronic media.

At this time, eight people were killed and six people were missing in 11 boating accidents. 24 killed and 9 injured in 23 railway accidents.

64 women, 69 children among the dead. 172 people died in 183 motorcycle accidents, which is 33.14 percent of the total deaths. Motorcycle accident rate is 39.95 percent. 109 pedestrians were killed in the accident, which is 21 percent of the total fatalities. 94 people, i.e. 18.11 percent, were killed by vehicle drivers and assistants.

According to the monitoring and analysis of Road Safety Foundation, 172 drivers and passengers, 21 bus passengers, 45 passengers of trucks, covered vans, pickups, trolleys, lorries, 29 passengers of microbuses, private cars, jeeps, 3- There are 101 wheeler passengers (Easybike, CNG, Autorickshaw, Autovan, Laguna, Human Hauler), 23 passengers in locally made vehicles (Nasimon, Bhatavti, Mahindra, TomTom, Itvhangar machine cars) and 19 riders in bicycles, pedal rickshaws, pedal vans. .

It said that 187 (40.82 per cent) of the total accidents in August were on national highways, 152 (33.18 per cent) on regional roads, 79 (17.24 per cent) on rural roads and 31 (7.76 per cent) on city roads and others. 9 places i.e. 1.96 percent have taken place.

According to accident department statistics, accidents in Dhaka division are 27.72 percent, Rajshahi division 15.28 percent, Chittagong division 21.61 percent, Khulna division 10.4 percent, Barisal division 4.80 percent, Sylhet division 4.14 percent, Rangpur 8.95 percent accidents occurred in the division and 7.42 percent accidents occurred in Mymensingh division.

RSF has identified several major factors behind the increasing trend of road accidents.

These include faulty vehicles, reckless speed, recklessness of drivers, inefficiency and physical and mental illness, non-fixed wages and working hours, low speed vehicles on highways, reckless riding of motorcycles by youth and youth, ignorance and disobedience of traffic laws among the masses, Poor traffic management, lack of capacity of BRTA and extortion in the public transport sector.

RSF has urged the authorities concerned to address the issues and take necessary steps to rectify them.

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