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‘This is the culture of Trinamool’, Shamik’s jab at Abhishek’s Shah attack

Calcutta : “The language spoken by Abhishek Banerjee is the language of the Trinamool. It suits the Trinamool culture. This language culture is not of Bengal,” said state BJP chief spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya in reference to Abhishek Banerjee’s ‘Pappu’ comment. He further said, “The way he attacked Home Minister Amit Shah is unprecedented and ugly. The people of Bengal will respond at the right time.”

Abhishek Banerjee’s claim that ‘central agency is following the BJP’s words’, the main spokesperson of Gerua camp in the state raised tone against the counter-ruling party. In his words, “There is no question of using ED and CBI for political purposes. We will oust Trinamool from Bengal by fighting politically.”

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Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee launched a strong attack against Union Home Minister Amit Shah after coming out of the ED office after being questioned in the coal scandal. Abhishek said, “BJP calls a political leader Pappu. I say Amit Shah is the biggest Pappu of the country.” Abhishek was summoned to the CGO complex in Salt Lake around 11 am on Friday. The All India General Secretary of Trinamool reached the ED office 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

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According to sources, the investigators started questioning Abhishek from 11 am. The interrogation lasted for about seven hours. Abhishek then came out and attacked one after another in front of the media. In his words, “The ED and CBI have not even called the Shubhendu Adhikari who wrapped himself in a towel and went to collect money.” When he goes to BJP, he becomes honest! Everyone else is dishonest! Whenever I am called, I will go. But if I can prove that I have taken five paise, I repeat that I will die on the gallows.”

On this day, facing the media in front of the CGO complex, the party’s second in command, Abhishek Banerjee, along with Amit Shah, Nishith Pramanik, Subvendu Adhikari, brought the BJP to task. Taking a strong tone against the BJP, Abhishek also said, ‘It is not a coal, cow scam, it is a Home Minister’s scam’. And after this comment of Abhishek, Gerua Shibir said, ‘The language in which Abhishek Banerjee attacked the home minister of the country is the culture of Trinamool’.


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First published: September 03, 2022, 13:30 IST

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