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Caution is required in invitations

Caution is required in invitations
Caution is required in invitations

A few days ago I had an opportunity to go to a waj mahfil. Palligaon’s small mahfil and the time was after Asar. So the number of attendees was not high. The mahfils in the village usually gather from dusk onwards and the mahfils get more crowded as the night progresses.

A young Alim was performing waz. He was also reciting Urdu-Persian Bayat besides quoting Quranic verses and Hadith Sharif. So it was quite understandable that in addition to scholarly ability, he was also a witty connoisseur of ‘Sumdhur Waj’. We were a little far away but the waz was clearly audible. He was also calling the scattered people to come under the canopy in the middle of the waj. But when he recited verse 124 of Surah Tahaar in this context, we bit our tongues.

Translation of the verse: And whoever turns away from my advice, his life will be in great trouble. And on the Day of Resurrection I will raise him blind. He will say, O Lord! Why did you blind me? I was clairvoyant! Allah will say, This is how My verses came to you, but you forgot them. That’s how you will be forgotten today. Thus do We punish him who transgresses and disbelieves in the signs of his Lord. And the punishment of the Hereafter is actually more difficult and more permanent. (Surah Taha: 124-127).

The opening of his speech was that those who are wandering around, sitting in tea stalls and shops, since they have not come and sat under the canopy of waj mahfil, the above verse can be applied to them. (Nauzubillah!) But a little thought reveals that the verse refers to the condition of the infidels, who turn away from the Qur’an and deny the Prophet (PBUH). Needless to say, not coming under the curtain in any waj mahfil does not mean aversion to Quran-Hadith, and it is not even a document of aversion to that waj mahfil.

The reason may be that the person is busy now, will come after a while, or even if he does not come under the awning, since the sound of the mic can be heard from a distance, he is sitting in his seat and listening to the waz. If none of these is the case, if someone does not come under the samiana with aversion to that particular mahfil, can it still be called aversion to the Qur’an-Sunnah? won’t go

The reason may be that the person does not trust the person who is performing waj in that ceremony. Why would he come if the speaker is not confident that he is interpreting the Qur’an-Hadith correctly? Also he may have some objections regarding the management of the Mahfil which is why he did not come here. In short, it may be that even if he deviates from this particular Mahfil, he does not deviate from the Qur’an-Sunnah.

So everyone must come under the canopy as far as the sound of the mahfil goes or they will fall into the mentioned verse – this is never right. Such carelessness is very dangerous. Many a times it makes common people agitated and stubborn and causes loss of their religion and faith.

So our young scholars and talibé scholars should be more careful. We want to make a habit of reciting Quranic verses and Hadith Sharif in Juma discussion or Waj Naseeh and also want to take precautions. It is important to determine which verses and which hadiths will be recited in the discussion and look carefully at their meaning and meaning.

If you open the Holy Qur’an and carefully read the verse before it and look at the meaning, meaning and relevant issues of the verse from a simple and reliable book of tafsir, inshallah such mistakes will not occur. If this precaution is not taken, there is a possibility of indulging in grave sins such as falsification of the Qur’an, Allah forbid unknowingly. There are other evils. May Allah protect us and grant tawfiq. amen

The article is in Bengali

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