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The story of a lonely Sherpa

The story of a lonely Sherpa
The story of a lonely Sherpa

If the person who is the executive head of the state is judging many people, if he himself is a victim of injustice, then what is more sad than that? Rabindranath Tagore said about the trial – ‘Be a witness, you do justice!/ Be a witness, Prithvi Charachar!’ After that, he wrote in more melancholy letters – ‘Sadness! His flies in luxury / Hold his hell’s poison in front of him! / In the cottage of peace his fire burns! / The poison tree seeds grow in his heart!’

The architect of a country, his daughter, has been living in such sadness for 47 years. Having lost his father, mother, brother, relatives, he has seen the cruel injustice. Not only the loss of family, but the pain of not getting justice has been stinging him bit by bit. Why was he deprived of justice? Only he can carry this anger, this sadness, this disappointment and move forward. He is seeking justice everywhere in the country and abroad; But he had to deviate. In this way, it is as if he has become all-powerful like Dhritri after drinking all the milk and becoming blue-voiced; But that was not to be. ‘Yet you must go – there are thorns on the way, not just flowers / Know that too! Maybe I’ll go to Kusum Kanne, maybe I won’t go—/ Maybe I’ll find the full pond/ Maybe I won’t./ The very end of this long way/ Maybe I’ll see it/ Maybe I won’t find it—/ If I forget the way/ Who knows where I’ll go/ If you all listen, now you / Who will go with me?’ This call of Kabiguru is like that of a woman who has been crying for 47 years. She is still crying after losing her entire family in the brutal murder, except for her only sister, who is in exile with herself. He has been standing in Parliament, standing in front of the people and repeatedly asking questions; A huge question mark remains.

He knows very well that the ghosts of the killers who struck in 1975 have not left behind like shadows. A great example of that was the 21 August 2004 grenade attack. It was the creator who protected him from that attack. His survival is still called a ‘miracle’. Apart from this, he was attacked in Chittagong, bombed in Gopalganj and planned to kill him. Apart from this, he escaped from small and big plans several times. Seeing that he is alive, I think, ‘Who is killed by Allah?’ Bitterness has also given him experience with it. That is why he could hear even the subtle breathing of the conspirators. That is why he can stand in Parliament and say with confidence, ‘I am moving forward with all the grief. I am living in blue voice. I know many things; But I have said, all the pain, holding everything, all the sorrows in my chest.’

He saw that during those dark times there was no one in the group to speak of. His father believed that losing faith in people is a sin. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman walked the path with deep faith in the Bengali nation; But the Bengalis have failed to uphold that belief. His daughter has not lost her faith in people like her father in spite of so many obstacles around her. Because he also believes that losing faith in people is a sin. No great work is possible without faith. In Bankimchandra’s Kapalkundala, when Navakumar was delayed in returning after going to the forest to cut wood for all the passengers of the boat, and when the others abandoned him and took the boat away, destroying the dignity of his faith, Navakumar’s psyche was revealed in a wonderful sentence—’Thou art vile, therefore I will be good. Why not?’ The son of the father of the nation has managed the country like a lonely sherpa by excelling in the midst of injustice and conspiracy.

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