Swami Vivekananda used to prepare, eat and feed Shik Kebab with his own hands

Swami Vivekananda used to prepare, eat and feed Shik Kebab with his own hands
Swami Vivekananda used to prepare, eat and feed Shik Kebab with his own hands

Fourth Column 659: Swami Vivekananda used to prepare, eat, and feed Shik Kebab with his own hands.

A few young people are sitting on the river with their hooks, and fish and meat are being barbequed. Their names? It could be Avinash, it could be Aryan, it could be Yadav, Bhattacharya or Khan or Qureshi. The prime minister can understand by looking at the lungi, no one is wearing a lungi here, some have beards, not all, so Feluda will lose there too. Sources say that this picture is from Prayagraj, Allahabad, meaning Amod’s picture on Ganga or Yamuna.

For now, the picture is gone, all the police stations are trying to find these youths who have hurt people’s trust. To put it simply, the people of Hindu religion have hurt the trust of the people, so take it seriously, we don’t know when the trial will happen, we don’t know in which way the trial will take place, but if these boys are found, the sadness on their foreheads is clear, they will have five or six years in jail without trial Yes, then it is not known what will happen in the verdict.

Pour into the Ganges of Prayagraj, but fish meat? This is Prayagraj where sage Bharadwaj’s ashram was, the legend, Ramayana says that Rama Sita Lakshman came here at the beginning of his 14 year exile. That Rama, Sita or Lakshmana liked to drink sura made from the flesh and juice of ripe wild animals, deer, goats etc. When Sita learned that she would have to go to the forest, not to stay in the forest, she was worried about whether there would be a supply of ripe meat and wine. A few youths have eaten fish and meat in the Ganga or Yamuna in Prayagraj, the police are looking for them, pelei jale purabe, yeh astha ka sawal hai.

This Prayagraj, then Atal Bihari Vajpayee also used to say Allahabad, came many times to the poet conference, he was a good non-vegetarian, while Harihar Atma Advani ji was 100% vegetarian. Savarkar, Godse and Narayan Apte were the top conspirators in the assassination of Gandhi. Savarkar and Apte were avid vegetarians, Nathuram Godse was a vegetarian, and another vegetarian never hesitated to shoot the 78-year-old three times in the chest. Shankaracharya was a vegetarian, Vivekananda was a strict non-vegetarian, he could not live without meat or fish.

Goddess Durga, Mother Kali is sacrificed today, not forever. Hilsa festival is held at this time of the fiscal year in our Ganga, people are brought in with advertisements, we don’t know what will happen if the Khokababu of Kanthi come to power, the good thing is that Khokababu’s party knows that they will not come to power in this Bengal. And India, my home country, after spreading so much poison, after shouting about trust etc., after tying ocher strips and closing fish and meat shops, is still smiling, laughing because from 2009 to 2014, the number of non-vegetarians in the country decreased. , has been on the rise since 2014.

In 1990, people ate 3.5 million tons of fish, meat and eggs, 5 million tons in 2010, decreased to 4.8 million tons in 2013, 5.2 million tons of fish meat and eggs in 2014, and in 2020 it increased to 6 million tons. Account provided by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The sale of chicken meat has increased the most. Why? The simple answer is price, 250 chickens cost Rs 30/35/40, easy cheap supply of protein. People are eating, not to hurt anyone’s confidence, but to provide a little protein for the kids at home.

No non-veg items can be sold in roadside shops in Ahmedabad, fish, meat, eggs have to be covered in several cities of Gujarat, fish and meat cannot be sold on special days in Gurugram, all over North India and after a few days goondas wearing ocher fetti during Navratri. will take to the streets, to stop the hopping of restaurants that sell fish, meat or eggs.

But India? Number 4 of the National Family Health Survey, the last report of 11, says that 78% of men and 70% of women in the country prefer to eat non-vegetarian food. Bengal is at the top of non-vegetarian food lovers in the whole country, 98.7%, followed by Andhra Pradesh, where 98.4% people eat non-vegetarian food, Tamil Nadu 97.8%, Kerala 97.4%, and even Uttar Pradesh has the majority of people, 55% people. Eat non-vegetarians, Gujarat is not far behind, with around 40% of people consuming non-vegetarian food.

What will happen if chicken kasha, mutton curry is available in Sardarji’s dhaba? 65.5% of men, 68% of women are vegetarians in Punjab, almost the same in Haryana, Rajasthan where Lal Maas is world famous, has the highest number of vegetarians in the country, they are 74.9% of Rajasthan’s population. This is the diversity that characterizes India. That is the diversity that RSS-BJP wants to destroy.

For now their great leader is Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi, and he wanted to be a monk of the Ramakrishna Mission in his youth, who stopped him, many people are seeking refuge in his name, he said many times, his guru is Swami Vivekananda, his eyes closed while saying this. , the throat is heavy, of course, it is his work with drama. So let’s discuss something about Vivekananda’s food and drink, non-vegetarian.

In the inaugural newspaper published by the Ramakrishna Mission, I found from an article about his eating habits, that he loved to eat and make Kathi Kebabs or Shik Kebabs. That he was a foodie, those descriptions are found in many places, but he did cook, and mostly non-vegetarian, that too. What is he saying about killing animals? “Taking the life of a few goats is not as sinful as the inability to

protect the honor of one’s own wife and daughter.” He said in Bengali that the honor of our mothers and sisters is a greater crime than taking the lives of some cows and goats. Bilkis Bano’s gang-rape animal convicts released from jail, arrangements are being made to jail them for eating chicken, fish in the Ganges in Prayagraj. Sarada Ma used to say, ‘Ah, no one can cook meat broth with potatoes like Naren. Not sitting in Bengal, far away in Meerut, yes, another monk sat in Yogiji’s kingdom and said he would feed the gurubhai shik kebab, the meat came, the spices also came, but no shik, Vivekananda wrapped the meat in litchi and made shik kebab. If you do it now, the police will catch you.

Well, it is also interesting to know where he learned them? His father, Vishwanath Dutta, kept a Muslim cook, from whom Vivekananda learned to cook kebabs, a meat dish. Sarala Devi Chaudhurani’s book is the fountain of life, there she writes, she went to Beluru Math on the invitation of Vivekananda, that day Vivekananda cooked for her four padas from Kashmiri, Norway, France and America, needless to say, they were all non-vegetarian padas. And the talk of Vivekananda’s eating will really come down to the Last Supper, which was actually the Last Lunch. On the 4th of July, he got up at seven in the morning and said, bring hilsa fish, the fishermen’s boat came to Beluramath ghat, a pair of hilsa came, he cooked it himself, fed it to the Guru brothers, that was the last meal.

At what time, in what period we appear? Govt health department AYUSH has told pregnant women not to eat meat, eggs have been taken away from children’s mid-day meal in schools in Madhya Pradesh, police are looking for them because they ate fish and chicken in the Ganga, this is our homeland? In volume 4 of the collection written by Vivekananda, he says, “Forcing of vegetarianism upon those who have to earn their bread by laboring day and night is one of the causes of the loss of our national freedom. Japan is an example of what good and nourishing food can do. Kabir said Tulsi Pujaan Se Hari Mille Toh, Mainy Punju Tulsi Jhar, Pathar Poojan Se Hari Milli To Mainy Punju Pahar, Nit Nahan Se Hari Mille Toh Jaljantu Hoe, Fruit Root Khake Hari Mille to Batur Bandara. Wanting to do sadhana, wanting to worship, wanting to love, wanting to love, wanting to love. Today the ruling party of the country is not love, not love, they are doing religion with sticks, they are not righteous, they are hypocrites, hypocrites.

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