Woman dies after falling from eight-story building, then…

Woman dies after falling from eight-story building, then…
Woman dies after falling from eight-story building, then…

A woman named Tanya Yasmin (40) died after falling from an eight-storey building in Bhairab, Kishoreganj. For this reason, Nargis Begum, the sister of the deceased, filed a case as the plaintiff on Thursday afternoon, blaming Tanya’s husband. Tanya’s husband due to complaints. Imran Mia has been arrested by the police.

On the other hand, Imtiaz Ahmed (26), the eldest son of the deceased Tania, claimed that the allegations of his aunt and the plaintiff Nargis Begum are completely false, fictitious and fabricated. Imtiaz told the police station in writing that his father is a teacher. His mother is a mental patient. He was suffering from mental illness for 14 long years. Due to mental illness, the father married a second time with the written permission of his mother. His father never physically or mentally abused his mother. The son claimed that his aunt had lodged a false complaint with the police to harass his father. Along with the application, he has submitted his mother’s psychiatric treatment certificate and second marriage permit to the police station.

Nargis Begum, the plaintiff in the case, said that my sister-in-law gave physical and mental pain to my sister by marrying her second time. He used to torture physically. Because of this my sister committed suicide.

Bhairab Police Inspector (Investigation) Shah Alam said that Tanya’s real guardians are her parents and siblings. A complaint has been filed with the police on their behalf. However, taking his son’s words into consideration, the police will unravel the mystery of the incident through proper investigation. I will do the rest as per the instructions of the court. He admitted to arresting the woman’s husband Imran.

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