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Portugal’s health minister resigns after childbirth dies in hospital Marta Temido the Portugal health minister resigns from his post

Thanks for the work

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said Health Minister Marta Temido had accepted the resignation and thanked Temido for her work and said the government would move towards reforms to strengthen the health infrastructure.

death of woman

The prime minister said the woman’s death effectively forced Temido to resign, according to Portugal’s Lusa news agency. Several similar cases have been reported across Portugal in recent months, where two babies died whose mothers had to be transferred to other hospitals and pregnant women died because of the delay.

On Twitter

On Twitter

Antonio Costa said in a tweet, “I am grateful for all the work Dr. Marta Temidor has done to date, especially the way she has worked to combat the Corona pandemic is exceptional. But our government will continue with all the reforms to strengthen the health service. going and improving the health care of the Portuguese.”

What is the government saying?

What is the government saying?

The government said that Marta Temido ‘realized that there was no point in her remaining in office, so she resigned’. The health minister faces the ire of opposition parties because pregnant women have to go to hospitals at risk. This is happening because the maternity units are overcrowded due to closure of the maternity unit, so women have to wait for a long time.

Marta Temido became Minister of Health in Portugal in 2018. He was one of the most popular members of the centre-left Socialist government during the coronavirus pandemic, however, his ratings have suffered badly due to a shortage of health workers. Especially those specializing in gynecology and obstetrics and other problems in government hospitals were at the bottom of his point. necessarily resign.

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