Srilekha is weak towards my husband : Sudeepa

Srilekha Mitra is a popular Indian actress. This Tollywood star is often in the news for various reasons starting from his personal life.

Recently, Srilekha posted a screenshot of a post by director Sudeepa Chatterjee on social media. He referred to Sudeepa as ‘arrogant, rude woman’. Many expressed anger at Sudeepa on the post of the actress.

In this context, Sudeepa told an Indian media, I could not believe Srilekha could say such things about me.

Sudeepa got angry with Srilekha and said, ‘She is a big actress. If you focus on your work, you will be in the headlines. Don’t try to stay in the limelight by creating such controversy.’

She (Srilekha) used to make various rude comments to my grandfather Prajenjit Chatterjee and husband Agnidev, he added. At that time I stayed with them. Maybe that’s why I’m bad in Srilekha’s eyes.

Sudeepa said, Srilekha used to tell me when she met, ‘Your husband can’t see any heroine except Rituparna.’ Now I feel bad because I don’t pay attention to his words.

This director also said that she has a weakness for my husband. Srilekha keeps saying that I have married Agnidev by making an arrangement. She also questioned what gifts my husband was giving. What is his (writing) in what my husband gave me? Why does he keep an eye on us?


Incidentally, on August 27, Sudeepa Chatterjee got involved in a controversy by posting on social media. That post was about online food app delivery boy.

Sudeepa wrote, ‘I just want to know why even a delivery boy from Swiggy can’t reach the destination without calling. And Ken calls and says, I am coming, you open the gate. Am I the gatekeeper or the gate opener?’

With this post of Sudeepa, trolls started in the net world. Whether it is a delivery boy or a doorman, who gave him the right to insult someone, netizens are in a frenzy. Sudeepa later deleted that post from social media.

Why did you post? Later, Sudeepa did a live chat about that. According to him, he made such a post to make people aware. If there was a mistake in his speech, he also apologized for it.

The article is in Bengali

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