19359 crore came in August

19359 crore came in August
19359 crore came in August

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Dhaka: Despite the dollar crisis, expatriates have sent over two billion remittances in two consecutive months. These remittances sent by expatriates have given new hope to the economy. The apprehensions about outgoing financial year remittances that had appeared in the first two months of the new financial year have largely subsided. Expatriates have sent remittances of 203 crore 78 lakh (2.03 billion dollars) dollars in the month of August. Its amount in Bangladeshi currency (at 95 taka per dollar) is 19 thousand 359 crore taka. Which is 12.6 percent more than last year’s August. In August 2021, remittances of $1.81 billion came.

This picture has emerged in the updated report of Bangladesh Bank’s foreign exchange policy department on Thursday (September 1).

Executive Director and Spokesperson of Bangladesh Bank. Sirajul Islam told Sarabangla, ‘Remittances sent by expatriates will speed up the economy. We have given various incentives to the banks to increase the flow of remittances – so that the banks can increase the amount of remittances brought into the country legally.’

The spokesperson of Bangladesh Bank said, ‘There was a great need to increase the flow of remittances at present. Due to the various steps taken by Bangladesh Bank and the government, the remittance exceeded two billion dollars in August as in July.

It is known that the remittance sent by expatriates in August is slightly less than the previous month of July of the current financial year. Last July, expatriates sent remittances worth 2.1 billion dollars or 2,096,900,000 dollars (19,856 crores in Bangladeshi currency). As a result, remittances in the first two months (July-August) of 2022-2023 financial year reached 413 million 40 million dollars.

According to Bangladesh Bank sources, remittances through five state-owned commercial banks reached 363.5 million dollars in August. 164 crore 25 lakh dollars come into the country through private banks. 75 million dollars came to foreign banks. In addition, 2 crore 43 million dollars have come to the specialized Bangladesh Agricultural Bank.

In August, the highest remittance came through Islami Bank. The total remittance through this bank is 43 million dollars. City Bank is in second place. 14 crore remittances came through the bank. Besides, 13 crore 24 lakh dollars came through Agrani Bank, 11 crore 4 million dollars through Pubali Bank, 10 crore 16 lakh dollars through Dutch-Bangla and 10 crore dollars through Rupali Bank.

Financial year wise remittance

According to Central Bank data, expatriates sent remittances of $2,033 million in the fiscal year 2021-2022. Earlier, in 2020-21 financial year, expatriates sent a record amount of 2,477 million dollars in remittances. Besides, 1,820,300,000 dollars in 2019-20 fiscal year, 1,631,000,000 dollars in 2018-19 fiscal year, 1,498,000,000 dollars in 2017-18 fiscal year, 1,276,940,000 dollars in 2016-17 fiscal year, 2015-16 fiscal year 1 thousand 493 million dollars and 1 thousand 531 million 69 million dollars in 2014-15 financial year remittances have been sent to the country.

Remittance as per calendar year

In the outgoing year 2021, expatriates sent a record amount of remittances of 2 thousand 207 crores 85 million US dollars. Earlier, in 2020, he sent remittances of 2,174,180,000 dollars. In addition, 1 thousand 833 million US dollars in 2019, 1 thousand 553 million 78 million dollars in 2018, 1 thousand 353 million dollars in 2017, 1 thousand 361 million dollars in 2016 and 1 thousand 531 million US dollars in 2015 came to the country.


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