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Holland, the new sensation in the English league, who is ‘unstoppable’

Holland, the new sensation in the English league, who is ‘unstoppable’
Holland, the new sensation in the English league, who is ‘unstoppable’

2 hat-tricks in 5 matches and 9 goals in all. He is currently breaking one record after another in the English Premier League. Erling Haaland is making his presence known by coming to Manchester City. Just four days ago, Manchester City was trailing 2-0 against Crystal Palace, and this new recruit scored a hat-trick to win the team. Manchester City beat Nottingham Forest 6-0 on Wednesday night. Erling Haaland scored a hat trick again in this match. No other player in Premier League history has managed to score 9 goals in his first 5 matches, nor own two hat-tricks. The manager of the opposing team Forest said after the match, ‘He is brilliant. He has everything.’ “Manchester City have the best striker in the world right now,” Dion Dublin told BBC Radio Five Live. And football pundits are now pretty much in agreement, if Haaland stays in the English Premier League, he will break all scoring records. Only seven footballers in the English Premier League have scored hat-tricks in two consecutive matches – Haaland being one of them. The Norwegian has been in the Premier League for less than a month. Only Harry Kane has achieved this feat more than once. The Premier League starts in August – and Haaland’s goal tally in five games before the end of the month. Haaland has equaled the club career hat-tricks of Manchester City long-timers Raheem Sterling and Carlos Tevez in his first month. Only Sergio Aguero has scored more hat-tricks for the club – four. City coach Pep Guardiola, however, feels that Haaland’s personal achievements are of little use if the team cannot win any titles. Calling Aguero a legend, Guardiola said ‘nobody can erase Aguero’s name from the minds of City fans.’ According to him, the most important goal in modern football was scored by Aguero (Aguero’s last-minute goal on the last day of the 2012 English Premier League gave Manchester City the Premier League title after 44 years). Pep Guardiola believes Sergio Aguero and Haaland are of the same genre. “He has proven himself in Norway, Austria and Germany, he will play the same quality of football here.” Former Wales footballer Ashley Williams told ‘BBC Match of the Day’, ‘He’s going to cause big problems for defenders. He is tough to play against and he is a complete striker. If we look at his goals this season, he is indeed a proper striker. His goal scoring skills are top notch. I want to watch him with interest throughout the season because he will keep scoring goals.’

Who will stop Haaland?

The question is now, can anyone stop Haaland this season? Joe Buzzard wrote on Twitter, ‘Can someone increase Erling Haaland’s difficulty level? Everything is as easy as water for him.’ Difficulty level is basically the language of computer games, which refers to how difficult the game is. Some are even suggesting that Haaland should be awarded the Golden Boot now. England legend Gary Lineker wrote on Twitter, ‘It looks like Holland will reach Alan Shearer’s goalscoring record before Harry Kane.’ Alan Shearer is the most goalscorer in English Premier League history with 260 goals. Among those who are still playing football, England’s Harry Kane is next to him with 187 goals. This is why Lineker is so excited about Haaland scoring 9 goals in five matches.

Who is Erling Holland?

Norwegian Haaland came to everyone’s attention while playing for German league club Borussia Dortmund. But he was born in Leeds, England, in 2000. His father Elfie Haaland also once played for Manchester City. And mother Gree Marietta Brot used to play heptathlon. He scored 62 goals in 67 matches for Borussia Dortmund. Scored 20 goals in 21 international football matches for Norway.
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